‘This Is Madness’- NYC Plan to End Shoplifting Crisis With Social Workers & Kiosks Hammered

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently unveiled a plan to use “de-escalation” tactics – the deployment of social workers in kiosks – to confront the mass shoplifting crime spree that has engulfed the big apple and the rest of America.

Critics and observers immediately slammed the plan, which would “connect” shoplifting criminals to a social worker rather than outright punishing or arresting a supposed thief.

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Shoplifting has become a massive threat to big and small businesses over the last two years, with retail giant Target reporting a 50% increase in just one year and the National Retail Federation claiming that the industry has seen a 4 billion dollar increase in shoplifting losses.

Eric Adams, a Democrat who Republicans praised for being a “law and order” candidate before his election, has mismanaged New York City into both financial and criminal crises. Adams has spent much of the last year begging the state and federal government for aid after his decision-making threw the already-declining city into a spiral.

The critics of Adams’s plan argue that every single point enables criminality – from refusing to prosecute “first-time offenders” to assuming “would-be” criminals will utilize a social service kiosk instead of stealing.

Other online critics argued that first-time offenses should be more harshly prosecuted to disincentivize criminality.

“I love the kiosk idea. If I am stealing a TV from Target, I’m definitely stopping at a kiosk to register for some social services programs. Lol.” ~@realgholland on Twitter

The shoplifting crisis across America started during the pandemic and has been amplified by a nationwide lack of police and police funding. In 2022, police resignations increased by 20 percent from 2021.

The data shows that crime is rising, and fewer people – and with fewer resources – are working to maintain law and order.

“These actions will have little to no impact. I worked in law enforcement for 30 years. Most multiple time repeat offenders do not want to change. It’s a lifestyle and most are doing it because that’s how they want to live.” ~@Davidjo10673800 on Twitter

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Other users focused on the “de-escalation” training that will be given to retail employees. Many have called it treatment of mass criminality – not an actual confrontation of the underlying issues causing America’s crime wave.

“De-escalation training for retail employees… because we need to cater to the criminals… instead of just doing our jobs of selling merchandise.” ~@tjrechy on Twitter

Tom Fitton, the president of the conservative transparency organization Judicial Watch, called the “law and order” Mayor’s plan “almost a parody of the Soros approach to public safety.”

“How do you give first time offenders intervention programs if you don’t arrest them for shoplifting?” @SecritSqrl on Twitter

The New York City mayor has not indicated any plan to increase criminal penalties or police street presence in response to the shoplifting crisis – instead giving the responsibility (and the bill) to lawful American taxpayers.

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