Mother on Twitter Destroys Trans Activists On Men In Locker Rooms

A viral thread on Twitter has trans activists reeling after a mother described her experiences with a transgender man in the women’s locker room.

The thread starts when a Twitter user named ‘WomenSayNO!’ tweeted about how she was changing in the locker room with her young daughter when a man came in.

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The mother starts the tweet with the statement, ‘Don’t say this doesn’t affect us’ in all caps to indicate that she is expressing strong emotions. This statement comes after a common argument which is made by radical trans activists that claim women aren’t affected by trans men in women’s locker rooms because they mind their own business and have no reason to be afraid of the trans person. They just want to express themselves.

This poor argument does not take into account that people of the same gender want privacy and safety when changing, especially when there are children involved. There is no reason that an individual of the opposite sex should be allowed to go into the opposing changing room and change, especially since there are biological advantages that men can use against women that women do not have, and vice versa. Letting someone of the opposite sex change in your changing room puts people in a vulnerable situation, and from a human instinct, it is discomforting. Every human being deserves privacy from the opposite sex.

The thread goes on, stating that the man came into the locker room with a woman who had a trans flag draped around her shoulders. The daughter expressed concern about the situation to her mother, stating that ‘a man had just gone into the toilet’. The mother then explained that the man only went into the bathroom to urinate, indicating that he did it in a very male fashion.

The thread continues with the woman saying she was uncomfortable to the point that she shouted at the man and the woman about respecting boundaries and female-only spaces. Fortunately, that was enough for the individuals to leave the changing room.

After establishing this, the woman then goes on to explain that the writer has a history of eating disorders and body issues, which are known to damage the mental health of people who suffer from them, as well as a current victim of alopecia, which is also known to do the same, the woman felt exposed and vulnerable about the situation, and taking into account that her daughter is experiencing signs of womanhood, which makes her feel self-conscious, both the mother and daughter felt exposed, vulnerable, and self-conscious in a place where they should not feel that way.

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The thread finishes by declaring that no man has a right to dismiss or demean the body issues and changes that both women face and that all women are allowed to have private, safe spaces where they can feel comfortable in their own bodies. 

It is time for the trans community to acknowledge and accept that nothing they do or say will change the fact that men and women need their respective privacy from the opposite gender and will never obtain the right or privilege to jeopardize this privacy.

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