Mexican President Tells Florida Hispanics Don’t Vote for DeSantis – Local Leaders Speak Out

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is telling Florida Hispanics: Don’t give ‘one single vote’ to DeSantis, according to The Hill. López Obrador is upset that Florida has enacted legislation to stop illegal immigration. Now that Governor DeSantis has made it clear that Florida isn’t a sanctuary state, he’s telling Hispanics who are legal American citizens how to vote. He is flat-out interfering in a foreign election.  

President López Obrador of Mexico is telling Florida Hispanics not to vote for Ron DeSantis for President.

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According to The Hill:

On Thursday, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, called on Hispanic people in Florida to vote against Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who launched his 2024 White House bid the day before because of his immigration policies.

“Hopefully, Hispanics in Florida will wake up and not give him one single vote, to not vote for those who persecute migrants, those who don’t respect migrants,” López Obrador said.

On May 10th, Governor DeSantis signed SB 1718, an anti-illegal immigration, Florida first bill. The new law ensures that legal residents will be paid fair wages. Money earned will return to the American economy instead of being sent to countries of origin. We will know how much money taxpayers are spending go medical care. Most importantly, we will be able to stop the many problems we have with drugs and human trafficking. 

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In Palm Beach County, some local Hispanic leaders, both Democrat and Republican, tried to stop Governor DeSantis from signing the bill. You can read about it here. Two leaders in question were Palm Beach County Commissioner Mike Barnett, who recently resigned as chair of the local Republican Party, and Pastor Lydia Maldonado, currently running for the Republican Executive Committee (REC) chair position. Chair of The Hispanic Vote, Jorge Garrido, is vehemently opposed to illegal immigration and spoke up in support of Governor DeSantis on day one. Florida Jolt contacted all three leaders. 

Lydia Maldonado is a pastor running for chair of the local Republican Party in Palm Beach County.

All three were sent The Hill article for context and asked if they condemn a president of a foreign country for interfering in an American election and if they think it’s fine for Hispanics to vote for Ron DeSantis. 

Lydia Maldonado said;

Since its inception, I have always and continue to totally support the Immigration

Bill SB 1718, recently passed by our state legislature and signed by Governor DeSantis.

I also find it appalling and inappropriate interference that the president of Mexico is addressing migrants in our country in an attempt to sway their votes in our 2024 elections. ~Lydia Maldonado

Florida Jolt followed up with Maldonado with the question about Hispanics voting for DeSantis since that part didn’t seem to be adequately addressed. Her answer;

It is not for me to decide whether Latinos should vote for DeSantis or Trump. Latinos are notoriously free thinkers, and they can decide whose platform is better aligned with their needs and beliefs. Both of these candidates have shown support and compassion for the Hispanic communities. ~Lydia Maldonado

County Commissioner Mike Barnett

County Commissioner Mike Barnett had this to say;

I think the Mexican president should keep his nose out of our politics. Florida Hispanics should hear from President Trump, Governor DeSantis, Senator Scott, and Ambassador Haley and decide for themselves accordingly. I don’t know what interest the Mexican president has in our election, but it’s probably not what’s best for Floridians.~Michael Barnett

Chair of The Hispanic Vote Jorge Garrido

Chair of The Hispanic Vote Jorge Garrido had this to say;

Those that know Obrador would say that DeSantis should be proud that a corrupt socialist leader condemns his policies. Obrador is the antithesis of DeSantis. DeSantis is a law and order leader that became known and respected nationally for policies that have brought prosperity and wealth to Florida. At the same time, Obrador wants to legalize all drugs in Mexico and has proposed the government take over of several industries, including taking over their energy production. The reality is that most illegal immigrants cross into the US through Mexico. They don’t stay in Mexico,  because corrupt leaders, like Obrador, have destroyed the country and its democracy. Leftist political leaders like Lori Lightfoot, Eric Adams in the US, and Obrador in Mexico are feeling the devastating results in their respective economies of Biden’s lawless immigration policies. DeSantis should be applauded for having the moral and political courage to protect Florida’s citizens. ~Jorge Garrido

It is inappropriate for the president of Mexico to interfere in any American election, and we should speak out against foreign interference in our elections. 

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