Marco Island Councilman Greg Folley Announces for Fl House District 81

NAPLES, FL – Today, Greg Folley, a retired businessman and current Chairman of the Marco Island City Council, launched his campaign for state representative in House District 81.

“From my days at the Naval Academy to my work in the Reagan White House and subsequent career in national industry, I have always felt the call to serve in ways that will preserve freedom, prosperity and the American Dream,” said Greg Folley. “I am gratified by the fact that we have a chance to defeat Joe Biden in the upcoming election. But I believe the Free State of Florida must maintain strong leadership in Tallahassee to fight encroachments on our freedoms from Washington and woke corporations and to remain a beacon of liberty for our country. As a state representative, my first responsibility will be to protect our God-given liberties.”

Greg’s patriotism and spirit of service led him to seek a career in the Navy beginning with the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. However, during his sophomore year, after suffering two injuries during training, he was medically discharged from the miliary and completed his undergraduate studies and law school at the University of Notre Dame. During his professional career, which spanned nearly 40 years, Greg practiced labor and employment law, served as labor counsel for American Airlines, and then served as lead labor negotiator and later Chief Human Resources Officer at Caterpillar. Greg also led several of the company’s largest and most profitable divisions leading teams of over 10,000 employees in 18 states and 18 foreign countries on 6 continents. As a state representative, he intends to use his extensive legal and business experience to make life better, and freer, for those he represents.

Folley has pledged to run an aggressive grassroots effort and will be outlining a comprehensive vision over the course of the campaign that includes his commitment to the following:

Fighting back against woke ideology being pushed on states by Washington

Preserving Parental Rights in Education

Standing with Governor DeSantis on Border Security Initiatives

Promoting greater intellectual diversity in our state-funded universities, protecting freedom of thought and expression for all, including conservatives

Achieving true property tax relief

Defending our Constitutional Rights

In addition to Folley’s stellar record as a leader in America’s economy, he has been a consistent conservative in his work on the Marco Island City Council. He has worked hard to lead an initiative to overhaul the city’s regulatory structure, pursuing a goal to reduce the size of the Code of Ordinances by up to 30%. He also has been an advocate for taxpayers, helping to roll back the millage rate 4 years in a row, saving thousands of dollars for individual homeowners.

Folley further stated: “I have enjoyed helping to reform our city’s budget and regulatory system while also addressing growth management issues in a way that has helped preserve local free enterprise while constraining the power of government. We have also consistently rolled back the millage rate of the city to become a model for property tax relief.”

Greg is a full-time resident of Marco Island and was appointed to the City Council on June 1, 2020 to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Councilor Sam Young. He was elected to fill the balance of Councilor Young’s term in November 2020. He was re-elected to a full four-year term in November 2022, and elected Chairman of the City Council in December of the same year. Greg is married to Margo, is a father to 9 children and two stepchildren, and is a grandfather of 11. He is a parishioner at San Marco Catholic Church.

For more information:

Contact: Brett Doster
Phone: (850) 222-8156
Email: [email protected]


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