Louisiana Child Rapist Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison & Chemical Castration

Convicted child rapist Ryan Clark, 34, of Kentwood, Louisiana, who pleaded guilty to raping a young girl earlier this month, has been handed a sentence that consists of chemical castration after release, with a sentence of 35 years in state prison with the first 25 years served without the chance of parole.

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Clark’s victim was not revealed due to her age, but court documents of the case’s proceedings confirmed the girl was under 13 at the time of the crimes, which witnesses said went on for over a year.

Judge Brian Ables wrote that the Chemical Castration injections will start a week before the sex fiend is released – which, at the absolute earliest, will be 2048 if he is granted parole.

Ryan Clark

Currently, the sentence is allowed in only nine states and has been permitted in Louisiana since 2008, when then-Governor Bobby Jindal passed it into law. The penalty is reserved for those convicted of crimes such as molestation of a juvenile, aggravated rape, forcible rape, and aggravated incest.

Clark has a prior arrest for ‘having knowledge’ of an unrelated minor-on-minor sex act in 2015, which put him in the parish jail for 128 days.

Prosecutors say they are looking at another case involving Clark and that he may have also molested a second victim.

Parish DA Scott Perrilloux said that, at the time, the office received a tip about ‘inappropriate behavior’ between Clark and the unidentified minor by a person the victim had confided in.

The person, also not named, told authorities the behavior had gone on for over a year. Authorities would probe the claims before discovering another potential victim, leading them to arrest Clark at his Kentwood home on July 17, 2020.

Perriloux’s office added that Clark’s victim was interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Hammond before the arrest, where she gave police statements on the incidents.

The statements were enough for Clark to accept a plea deal for a more lenient sentence.

The shots of the medroxyprogesterone acetate drug will suppress Clark’s sex drive. The injections are to be given at least a week before a convicted sex offender is released from prison.

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On Tuesday, Clark was given the sentence after he pleaded guilty to felony charges of second-degree rape, molestation of a juvenile, and sexual battery on March 1.

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