Kamala Harris Bringing ‘Word Salad’ to Florida for Abortion Speech

On what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to abortion, Vice President Kamala Harris plans to deliver a speech in Florida in defense of abortion rights.

While the speech could energize the Democratic base, it’s not clear if Harris’ gaffe-prone word salad delivery style will strike a chord with the American public.

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Harris’ spokesperson said the aim of the speech was to convey that the fight for women’s “reproductive health” rights is “far from over.”

“The Vice President will make very clear: the fight to secure women’s fundamental right to reproductive health care is far from over,” said a statement from Kirsten Allen, a Harris spokesperson. “She will lay out the consequences of extremist attacks on reproductive freedom in states across our country and underscore the need for Congress to codify Roe.”

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Allen added that Harris and President Joe Biden believe “that a woman’s right to choose is non-negotiable.”

She also said that Harris will head up a legislative agenda to protect abortion access. It remains to be seen how the White House will do so with a Republican House.

“The Vice President will push for national legislation to protect reproductive rights, and she will draw a contrast between the Republicans’ extreme approach to reproductive health and that of the Biden-Harris Administration,” a White House official said of Harris’s planned remarks.

Whether Harris can string together a speech that inspires the Democratic base on a core issue or not remains to be seen, but the Vice President has a history of giving uninspiring, confusing, ‘word-salad’ speeches.

Just last week, the Vice President caught flak for a ‘word salad’ speech that confused and bewildered the American public. It was not clear what subject she was attempting to speak on.

In one of her more notable gaffes of the year, Harris claimed that North Korea was an ally of the United States with whom we ‘share a very important relationship.’

She was presumably referring to the country’s southern neighbor South Korea.

Even when the American public relied on clarity from a high-ranking public official after tragic incidents that shocked the nation, including a mass shooting, Harris stumbled on her words and could not articulate herself.

The incident was one among many that undermined the successor to the Commander in Chief of the United States.

While it is yet to be determined if Harris’ speech will resonate with Democratic voters, it’s clear that her track record does not inspire confidence.

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