‘Amateur Hour’ Top MSNBC Host Chastises Biden Over Documents Scandal


The Biden White House is in crisis as a rapidly unfolding investigation into President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has quickly resulted in a Special Counsel appointment by Attorney General Merrick Garland that could result in civil or criminal charges.

To make matters worse for Biden, the newly elected Republican House of Representatives reportedly said they would oversee the investigation.

Even liberal-leanings MSNBC pundits Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski tore into Biden over the scandal this Monday on Morning Joe.

Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were dismayed at the incompetence of the Biden administration, saying that they are struggling to respond to the story and keep up with its pace. “It’s the drip, drip, drip that’s the problem right now. It’s a story they can’t totally seem to get their arms around,” Scarborough said.

Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee demanded that the Biden administration provide visitor logs from his Delaware home, where he has spent roughly a third of his Presidency.

Biden’s lawyers have been cast in a negative light as they struggle to respond to a flurry of requests and a news cycle moving at a breakneck pace.

“By stumbling and bumbling around, by not getting their timeline right, by still saying, — we just showed a graphic that says — ‘an unknown number of documents found in Biden’s garage.’ No more unknown. No more unknowns,” Scarborough further said.

He said that the only way for the Biden administration to carry out damage control is to be transparent and to admit fault for the scandal.

“At this stage, we’re two months in. They need to clean this up. They need to get, you know, amateur hour is over. They need complete transparency, and they just mishandled it from day one because I’m only saying it because it’s true.”

Still, Scarborough said Biden should not be criminally charged for mishandling the documents and claimed that Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents was worse.

Another MSNBC guest, former Democratic Florida Representative David Jolly, went even further than Scarborough, saying that the Biden administration was an “example” of how a President should handle classified documents.

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“Joe Biden, based on what we know now, and that’s an important caveat, is an example of how a president or elected officials should handle a matter in which they discover they’re in possession of documents, in contrast to Donald Trump, who, by all — by all appearances, looks like he engaged with criminal intent and the — and the hiding of documents,” Jolly told host Chris Jansing.

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