‘Come and Take It’: DeSantis Rips Potential Federal Ban on Gas Stoves

Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back on the federal government’s recent consideration of banning gas stoves, citing the importance of home operations not all being reliant on centrally controlled electricity.

Florida’s Governor slammed a push to ban the staple appliances on Tuesday in a statement at Bonita Springs. The Governor noted how critical the stoves were in the aftermath of Florida’s recent devastating hurricanes. That logic also applies to all power outage situations.

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“The (JoeBiden administration wants to nix gas stoves, are you kidding me? Like we need, I want gas stoves. I mean, imagine how many people, had the hurricane come through, didn’t have power right away, but were able to turn on. You cannot go down this road, but that’s exactly what they want to do,”

The move comes on the heels of a recent study, which found that leaks and not-fully-burned led to small amounts of methane gas being released into the home. The study said that these methane levels could rise to unhealthy levels in homes that lack proper ventilation or don’t use range hoods. One observer on Twitter even called the study itself into question, given the biases of its backers.

Warning: Adult Language

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However, in an interview with Bloomberg, Richard Trumka Jr, an agency commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said a ban was on the table instead of recommending proper ventilation or range hood use.

“This is a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Jill Notini, a vice president of the Washington-based trade group, told Bloomberg that the government’s focus was in the wrong place.

“Ventilation is really where this discussion should be, rather than banning one particular type of technology. Banning one type of a cooking appliance is not going to address the concerns about overall indoor air quality. We may need some behavior change, we may need [people] to turn on their hoods when cooking.”

According to Bloomberg, the scrutiny on gas stoves is part of a larger movement against natural gas by state and local policymakers to reduce climate-warming emissions (such as methane) that exacerbate climate change. This is despite the fact that natural gas has radically reduced overall fossil fuel emissions.

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The push led to a wave of pushback online, including multiple jokes a the expense of those supporting the idea.

On Wednesday, after the blowback, CPSC Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric backtracked, saying that he isnot looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.

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