‘Hypocrisy’: McCarthy Rips Biden & ‘Weaponized’ DOJ for Handling of Document Scandal

Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ripped Biden and his DOJ for their hypocrisy in handling classified documents discovered in Biden’s possession and laid out Republicans’ plans for the future.


President Joe Biden


The first set of classified documents was “unexpectedly discovered” by Biden’s attorneys at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, located in Washington, D.C., according to Biden’s attorney Bob Bauer. The documents were from the Obama Administration, discovered on November 2nd, just days before the Midterm elections. However, the story was only made public recently in the New Year, months after the midterms. No reason seems to have been given for the delay.

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A second set of classified documents were recently found in Biden’s Deleware home, in his garage. In a Sunday morning Fox News interview, McCarthy explained that this is “why the American public does not trust their government.”

“Congress has an independent constitutional obligation to oversee all aspects of the Justice Department, and that includes special counsels as well. And so we will have a role in overseeing what’s transpiring here. What’s real concerning to me is how justice is applied and is it applied equally,”

Of course, by asking for justice to apply equally, McCarthy is referring to Donald Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI over him holding documents that were at one point classified. As the president of the United States, Trump had the unilateral and unregulated power to declassify documents as he pleased. Trump theoretically could have, and his lawyers will likely argue, that Trump declassified the documents before or by taking them. Biden, who was the Vice President when he presumably took the documents, had no such power

Under intense scrutiny, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel. He opened an investigation into the documents that Biden claims were “inadvertently misplaced,” something he ripped Trump as “irresponsible” for allegedly doing in September.

It should be noted that the mishandling of classified documents as a legal matter has nothing to do with intent and is instead a liability crime.

McCarthy, however, is not convinced the DOJ is as impartial as it attempts to appear. During his interview, he referenced the DOJ’s targeting of conservative parents clashing with school boards and mentioned what he’s done to prevent such actions in the future.

“I’m tired of this Justice Department that we found that went after parents and others, that they utilize it to go after people because they have different political beliefs. That is what’s wrong with government. And this is a prime example of why we passed this week a new select committee that will fall under Jim Jordan’s Committee for the Weaponization of Government, that we can look into what the FBI has been doing from Twitter and everywhere else and change the course where we can now trust our law enforcement.”

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McCarthy also questioned Garland’s choice of Special Counsel, former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur, who was involved in the now debunked and manufactured Trump-Russia investigations. McCarthy noted Hur’s background and pointed out a pattern in the DOJ’s choice of investigators.

“Why is it every time there’s an investigation of a Republican, they’re always tied together in a small little loop? Couldn’t we have an independent person in the FBI that has no ties to anything to investigate something? Why is it always from a small protected group of friends [that] are the only ones that they put in to have [as] counsel?” the speaker said.

Many on Twitter are not convinced of the DOJ’s impartiality or the media’s impartiality.


On the 14th,  a second trove of classified documents was found at Biden’s residence, amounting to three total finds connected with the former Vice President.


It appears that the latest political circus is just getting started, but McCarthy vowed he’d stick with it until the end.


“We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes us and how hard we have to fight,” he continued. “There’s one thing I think, I hope the American public realized from watching the race for speaker: I will never give up. That means I will never give up on you on getting the truth.”

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