Jack’s PBC Conservative Voter Guide for August 23, 2022

Absentee ballots start getting mailed today, early voting begins on Monday, August 8, and election day is August 23, so it’s time for the digital version of Jack’s Conservative Voter’s Guide.

I started publishing voter guides twenty years ago because I saw a need for them. Regular Republicans who don’t have the time to research every candidate in every race need somewhere to turn to for information on the down-ballot non-partisan contests.

A person would need to work in politics full time to make an informed decision on some of these races. I work in politics full time and invest the time and money necessary to get the job done.

These are the most conservative choices a person can make while living in a liberal county.

I do not accept a penny from anyone to do this, and the only way to be on my voter guide is if I think the candidate is the best choice a conservative can make in that particular race.

As always, these are my personal choices and opinions. I am a BizPac of PBC Trustee, but my political endorsements have nothing to do with BizPac, and BizPac has nothing to do with mine.

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Thank you, and please make sure you vote.

You can download my voter guide formatted to print on standard letter paper, and the candidate’s websites are listed below if you want more information.

Judicial Candidates


County Court Group 9
Judge Paul Damico

Keep Judge Damico

Circuit Court Group 23
Caryn Siperstein

School Board Candidates

School Board District 3
Karen Brill


School Board District 4

Angelique Contreras

School Board District 6
Amanda Silvestri


School Board District 7
Christopher Persaud


Below you can download the Supervisor of Elections info on voting and visit the website for more information. Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

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