BizPac of PBC’s final group of local endorsements

BizPac has finished interviewing for the 2022 election cycle and has released the latest list of candidates the Board of Trustees has voted to support.

The people on this list either have a proven track record of working with the business community in common sense ways to reduce regulations and taxes or have shown a serious commitment to do so if elected.

“Screening candidates for endorsement is probably the most important mission BIZPAC has. We’ve been at it for 30 years, and we’ve been pretty effective. Our current crop of candidates is impressive. We look for politicians who appreciate business’s role in the county, who will help us create jobs and prosperity and make this a good place to live. There are too many candidates who don’t have any real history of leadership and success at whatever they have done in life, and we try to weed them out. If politicians make a career out of it, they generally end up expanding their own little government fiefdoms and adding on as many new taxes as possible. We don’t have much tolerance for that.”

John R. Smith, BizPac Chairman

BizPac’s earlier local endorsements: BizPac of PBC’s early candidate endorsements and BizPac endorses Michelle McGovern for County Commission District 6

I am honored to be endorsed by the business community. I look forward to working together to improve our schools. Amanda Silvestri

I am truly honored to have received the endorsement of BIZPAC. In my public service, as a member of the Boca Raton City Council and, now, as a member of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, I have been a dependable voice for business and economic development. I am gratified to have the support of our business community and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve Palm Beach County for another four years. County Commissioner Robert Weinroth

BizPac is a non-partisan organization, and its only criteria for supporting a candidate is whether or not the person understands and is genuinely concerned with the needs of the business community.

Andy Thomson for FL House District 91

Gregg Weiss for PBC Commissioner District 2

Robert Weinroth for PBC Commissioner District 4

Angelique Contreras for PBC School Board District 4

Amanda Silvestri for PBC School Board District 6

Edwin Ferguson for PBC School Board
District 7

Blair J. Ciklin PBC Port Commissioner Group 4
Port Bio Page

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