Litigator Caryn Siperstein Running for Judge

Experience, knowledge, and temperament are the building blocks of Caryn Siperstein’s success as Florida Senior Assistant Attorney General for the West Palm Beach Civil Litigation Bureau. This top lawyer now relies on her distinguished professional record and community service as she campaigns for Group 23 Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge.

“I’ve been practicing law for almost 20 years, and throughout my career, I have mediated over 500 cases at the very court where I am running for judge,” she said. As a state mediator for the PBC courthouse, she has handled family and dependency cases, business, employment, landlord/tenant, and small claims. Additionally, Siperstein has mediated contracts, employment, personal injury, lemon law, real estate, and foreclosure cases and served as an arbitrator.

“I’ve worked with attorneys, people who are not represented, and people from all socioeconomic backgrounds,” she said. “My ability to work with a diverse population exemplifies the temperament, knowledge, and experience it takes to be a circuit court judge.”

Litigator CarynCourt backlogs and delays stemming from COVID-19, Siperstein said, are among the most pressing issues facing the Palm Beach County court system. “I think most people like a hybrid system where court duties that can be handled remotely continue to progress that way. The pandemic opened the door for a hybrid system, but there are times when plaintiffs and defendants need to be in a courtroom with a judge and jury to plead their case effectively.”

As Florida Senior Assistant Attorney General, Siperstein represents judges, prosecutors, public defenders, officers, wardens, and other state agencies in legal disputes. “Representing judges is the most significant part of my job because it allows me to view cases from the judges’ perspective,” she said. “Understanding the detailed elements of those cases, whether family law, circuit civil, or foreclosures, differentiates me from other candidates.”

Siperstein’s civil litigation background includes personal injury, eminent domain, constitutional challenges, prison, and civil rights. She recalled a case in which she helped defend several department corrections employees against charges of deliberate indifference and excessive force brought by a prisoner.

“We were successful in representing these employees,” Siperstein said. “This case highlights the importance of being efficient, practical, and well-prepared. I have to be able to think on my feet and handle emergencies as they arise. All of these experiences have qualified me to serve on the bench.”

“Because of the storms, many animal rescue organizations evacuated pets from Puerto Rico and brought them to Florida for safety. We adopted our sweet, amazing, wonderful Zippy from Tri-County Rescue in Boca Raton, and we are so happy to have him.”

Litigator Caryn

“Jet is our recuse puppy from Homestead. He was only a week old when Furry Paws animal rescue found him in a vacant lot. Jet and his siblings were malnourished, not thriving, and some had health issues,”

Siperstein said. “We are fortunate that Jet is doing well and has no lingering health concerns considering his start in life.”

Having rescue pets, Siperstein said, continues to benefit her family. “Taking care of the dogs has taught our daughters about responsibility and pursuing what they’re passionate about. I love volunteering with Jaclyn and Joslyn, walking dogs at a rescue. I think our girls have learned the values of independence, understanding, compassion, community spirit, and empathy in working with rescue animals.”

Siperstein is a dedicated volunteer with numerous local organizations, including the Education Committee for the City of Delray Beach, League of Women Voters of PBC, PTO President for American Heritage of Boca Delray Upper School, Chair of the PBC Grievance Committee of Boca Raton, PBC Bar Association Committee for Diversity & Inclusion, and Law Education Program High School Coach for the PBC Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

 To learn more about Siperstein’s campaign, please visit her website

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