FBI was Searching Trump’s Home for Nuclear Documents, Anonymous Sources Say

According to the Washington Post, classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were the object of the FBI raid on Former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday.

The people who told The Washington Post about the contents of the classified documents spoke on the condition of anonymity as it was an ongoing investigation. They did not give The Washington Post any details. Whether or not the nuclear information was in regards to America’s arsenal or another nation’s, the relevancy of the information a year and a half after Trump’s presidency, or any description of what kind of information the documents held. They also did not say if the FBI ultimately seized the documents.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland held a press conference in light of this information. During the meeting, Garland said that he had “personally approved” the search warrant and claimed that the FBI did not decide to go in lightly and initially sought less intrusive options.

However, Trump responded on his social media platform Truth Social, claiming that the documents were unclassified and the FBI would have only had to ask to get them back.


He also argued that the FBI and DOJ were hypocritical for raiding him over classified documents and not going after former President Obama.

Garland also decried the skepticism of the FBI. Such doubt initially arrived in the political mainstream throughout Trump’s presidency due to issues like the Mueller Report and the Steel Dossier. It has now become common again in the wake of the raid.

Co-Founder of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro tweeted his questions about the raid:


Conservative Commentator and Daily Wire Host Michael Knowles Banged a similar drum, pointing out the lack of urgency over nuclear documents that were, allegedly, sensitive enough to warrant a raid.

The allegedly classified documents themselves and the affidavit that led to the search warrant have still not been made available to the public amidst the ongoing investigation.


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