DeSantis Proudly Tweets New Report-Florida Ranks #1 in Economic Freedom

On Monday, ‘Freedom in the 50 States’, a pro-freedom think tank Cato Institute project, released a newly updated report ranking all 50 states on their performance in various areas regarding protecting freedom.

The metrics include policy areas such as educational freedom, economic freedom, and personal freedom.

Florida shined brightly in educational, economic, and fiscal freedom, earning it 2nd place overall in protecting its citizens’ liberties.

Florida was ranked the freest state in economic and fiscal freedom and the 2nd most free state on education policy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis touted the accomplishment on Twitter, explicitly mentioning Florida’s high marks in economic freedom.

The Freedom in 50 States project said in its report that Florida’s high ranking in economic freedom has been a significant contributor to its success in attracting new residents.

“Lacking an individual income tax and featuring a hot climate, Florida has long enjoyed substantial in-migration of well-off retirees. But as we’ve noted in the past, the state attracts more than seniors, as others vote with their feet for good weather and the increased opportunity afforded by Florida’s freer society.” The report said.

The report noted that Florida’s personal freedom ranking has lagged in the past, though it has improved significantly since 2014.

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The report also said that Florida ranked highly when it came to cutting government bureaucracy, with significant improvements made since 2010.

“Government employment is much below average, falling from 11.2 percent of private employment in 2010 to 8.3 percent in 2019.”

DeSantis has been an avid proponent of holding bureaucrats in Florida accountable, including recently firing a State Attorney for refusing to enforce the state’s 15-week abortion ban.

His opponent in the 2022 Governor’s election, Charlie Crist, attacked DeSantis for the decision.

The report touted Florida’s right-to-work law, saying it contributed to Florida’s above-average ratings on labor law but that the state has a high minimum wage.

“Labor law is also above average because of a right-to-work law, but the state has a minimum wage ($10 per hour in 2021).”

Some of DeSantis’s liberal critics did not take the news well, with one claiming that DeSantis is a proponent of ‘economic fascism’ because of his criticism of woke capital.

The organization mentioned that Florida is “one of the top states for educational freedom” but said improvement could be made in loosening homeschool regulations.

The report ended with a recommendation for Florida to continue to improve upon its economic and fiscal freedom.

“Decentralize taxing and spending powers from counties to municipalities and make it easy for municipalities to control their own school districts. More choice of local government should make Floridians freer.”

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