Dems push more disinfo to try and sow discord between DeSantis and Trump

With Biden’s approval ratings cratering and Floridians poised to re-elect DeSantis by a wide margin, Democrats have amped up their attempts to sow discord between the two most popular conservatives in the country.

In May, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried and her Communications Director were caught amplifying a fake e-mail from Governor DeSantis on their Twitter accounts.  The phony e-mail was targeted at DeSantis’ supporters and asked if they would support him if he ran for President.

Fried has analogized DeSantis to Hitler and claimed that he actively courts the support of white nationalists and ‘insurrectionists’ in fundraising e-mails.

In January, the Lincoln Project ran an advertisement mocking Trump and saying that FOX News has already picked DeSantis to be the next Republican nominee in 2024.

Democrats and Never Trumpers were back at it again attempting to pick a fight between DeSantis and Trump this week, as the Lincoln Project released an advertisement directed at President Trump.

“Ron DeSantis betrayed you to become a star,” a female voiceover said. “Raising millions by stealing your act. Winning straw polls and fans.”

“You made him, and he betrayed you. He’s laughing at you,” the narrator said to an audience of one. “He’s taking everything from you. And by the time you fight back, it will be too late.”

”Ron DeSantis is the hot young starlet in the MAGAverse. DeSantis has taken everything from Trump but his trophy wife. DeSantis and his team are already picking out curtains in the White House and enjoying the January 6th Commission’s devastating attacks on Trump,” asserted Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson.

The repeated attempts to pick a fight between Trump and DeSantis have had little currency with Republicans so far.  Republicans seem to like both DeSantis and Trump and are not taking the bait.


“Rick Wilson is a bitter outcast, and the only people who think Wilson has any insight into Republican politics work at CNN and MSNBC. Wilson has cast his lot with Dementia Joe and Kamala “word salad” Harris. We have the A-team, President Trump, and Governor DeSantis.”
-BizPac Review and Florida Jolt Founder Jack Furnari.

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