Ciao Frankenfood – Lab-Grown Meat Banned in Italy

Italy has figured out that lab-grown meat is disgusting, and instead of embracing the woke food movement, they’ve banned it. It looks like Madonna was on to something back in the day when she wore a t-shirt in an 80s video that said ‘Italians Do It Better.’ Everyone knows Italian food is incredible, and now they’re embracing the obvious, real meat doesn’t come from a lab. You never hear anyone bragging about Italy’s delicious plant-based or vegan meat replacement food. They know that food pretending to be one thing but is really another sucks. Maybe this American trend will die, along with the plant-based movement that’s taken a nose dive this summer.

While America is embracing lab-grown meat, Italy has banned it.

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At the end of June, Florida Jolt came out with Frankenfood – USA Second Country to Approve Lab-Grown ‘Chicken’ explaining all of the whacky plans to make food created from cells in a lab and shaped into chicken parts, a regular part of your everyday life. The good news is that it will be ten years before it can be produced in any mass quantity. It’s so expensive that the only people who can afford to buy and choke this crap down are the limousine liberal Hollywood elites who are the only ones, other than AOC, who think animals are bad for the environment. 

shocked chicken
Even this fake chicken is afraid of Frankenfood.

According to;

Instead of embracing lab-grown meat like the Netherlands, Singapore, and the U.S., Italy is banning it. According to The Conversation, Francesco Lollobrigida, the country’s minister of agriculture, stated that lab-grown foods will be banned in Italy. Lollobrigda said that the ban mainly protects. However, the government has also expressed apprehension about the quality of lab-grown foods. Italy is known for its culinary heritage — it doesn’t want anything to threaten that.

Bravo, Italia. La vita è Bella. In English, well done, Italy. Life is beautiful. 

Meanwhile, fake meat is flopping in a place where you would think the trend would thrive, New York. According to the NY Post;

The “flight to plant-based foods” phenomenon hit the wall this summer, and there’s no end to the downward spiral.

The meat-hating media wanted us to believe that bogus beef is driving out the real enchilada to improve our health and save forests from greenhouse-gas emissions.

But it’s all baloney. Beyond Meat, the No. 1 retail seller worldwide of plant-based meat substitutes, announced this week that it lost $53 million in the second quarter of 2023 as its US revenue fell 40 percent.

They say that New York steakhouses appear to be doing better than ever. Steakhouses that close are replaced by other steakhouses, not plant-based restaurants. 

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A hot New York restaurant staple called Eleven Madison Park backed out of opening a vegan eatery at 425 Park Avenue. It turns out that despite all of this hogwash they’ve been feeding us, the hottest new dishes in progressive New York are a twenty-nine-dollar hot dog from a restaurant called Mischa and a short-rib pastrami meal from Tatiana’s. 

This should give us all hope. Americans love real meat and should follow Italy’s lead and ban lab-grown food. 

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