Despite Denial, GOP Candidate Meg Weinberger a Democrat Donor

Meg Weinberger is running in a Republican primary for the chance to represent FL State House District 94, and many are questioning her credentials as a Republican. The HD 94 seat is currently held by Rick Roth, who is term-limited out.

When a state like Florida goes from purple to solid red with a significant blue county like Palm Beach trending red, it pays to question the credentials of Republicans like Weinberger or any Republican new to the local political scene.

Today Weinberger was accused of donating significant amounts of money to Democrats in the past.

I and many others received the following text:

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I can tell the text was sent using Republican donor records because my legal name is “Gioachino,” not Jack, and I donate under my full legal name.

I texted and called Weinberger and asked her about donating to Democrats, and she told me her “husband did for business reasons, but she didn’t.”

“We don’t agree on everything, but he stays in his lane, and I stay in mine,” said Weinberger of her husband Eric, but that’s at best inaccurate.

Not long after I received the text, someone else sent me the following public records. The records are public information, but I redacted her contact info and voter ID number.

I followed up with a search on the website Open Secrets and got similar results.

If you look up Megan Weinberger on, you’ll see Megan gave to the Florida Democratic Party.

The Florida Division of Elections also shows Megan Weinberger donating to Gillum.

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I usually double-check facts, but I don’t triple-check them. I triple-checked this time because Weinberger seemed so sincere on the phone and even told me she voted for Trump twice. Which does not necessarily make you a Republican, but it sounded good.

I’m not often at a loss for words or opinions, but I’m baffled as to why someone would misrepresent the facts about something so easily checked. To be fair, the reports also show the Weinberger’s donating to Republicans.

There are four Republicans running in the primary for Fl HD-94 besides Weinberger. Anthony Aquirre, Christian Acosta, Jon Carter, and Gabrielle Fox are running, all of whom have solid Republican credentials.

Weinberger, while personable, didn’t understand why I would ask about her husband Eric. She certainly should have realized that I would check her record of donations.

When I said it all mattered, she responded, “I’m learning a whole new education here.”

The Republican voters in the district will have to decide what this means to them and whether or not this disqualifies Weinberger as a GOP standard bearer.

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