WOKE University FAU Won’t Drop Liberal Agenda & It Will Cost Them

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Board of Trustees met today for an explosive meeting of WOKE propaganda and attempted justification of a politically motivated decision not to hire Governor DeSantis’s recommendation for university president.

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The FAU Board of Governors opened an investigation into misconduct in their search for a new President. Tempers boiled over during yesterday’s meeting, with Chair Brad Levine delivering what some have called a propaganda-like justification of the FAU Search Committee, again claiming he did nothing wrong despite agents of FAU conducting a secret straw poll and asking candidates their sexual orientation and gender identity. Florida Jolt covered the story about the offensive rejection of  Governor DeSantis’s University president recommendation, State Representative Randy Fine, a self-made businessman and respected leader in the Florida House who was asked if he was a transgender male during the hiring process.   

State Representative Randy Fine is Governor DeSantis’s recommendation for the new President of FAU.

This one-sided propaganda has become par for the course of Levine. Still, things went nuclear when Levine claimed that two members of the search committee, Board of Governor members Alan Levine and FAU Board of Trustees Vice Chair Barbara Feingold, were in complete agreement. We don’t know if he knew that Feingold was on the phone, but she went ballistic over what she claimed was him sharing confidential discussions protected by state law. She claimed that he lied about what she had said. Feingold went a step further, noting that Levine’s three so-called outstanding candidates were, in her opinion, completely unqualified. She pointed out that one was leaving the military after having been found to have lied under oath to military investigators. A second she said she had “retired” after a vote of no confidence in his previous job.

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Fellow Trustee Linda Stoch jumped into the fray, apparently ripping Levine for his direct attacks on Governor DeSantis and asking what action had been taken about Search Committee member Dick Schmidt, who had violated his NDA in writing an op-ed about the search process. As a reminder, FAU’s most significant donor is the Schmidt family, according to the University. They’ve donated forty-seven million dollars over the last five decades, and according to Schmidt, the decision makers for president, including himself, are of the “highest pedigree.” Therefore, according to the leftist narrative, their opinion is more important than that of the twice-elected Governor of Florida.

FYI, the biggest donor to FAU and potentially the biggest donor in the future is the state of Florida, not the Schmidt family.

Things then got more heated when Levine attempted to cancel the FAU College of Dentistry, a project critical to Feingold. In what watchers say caused gasps in the audience, Levine demanded to know if Feingold would be writing a $30 million check – right there, on the call. Feingold again got angry, noting how inappropriate the question was and that Levine, who is allegedly involved in improper state contracts that are coming under scrutiny, grifted off the University and did not support it in any way.

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The meeting ended with a series of hostile board reports, one by trustee Linda Stoch, who noted she had lost all confidence in Levine and that he had brought great shame to the University.

According to the News Service of Florida, Trustee Linda Stoch said the way Levine has “spoken to the Board of Governors and to the media has brought, I think, great disrepute to this university.”

Trustee Linda Stoch said the way Levine has “spoken to the Board of Governors and to the media has brought, I think, great disrepute to this university.” Click to Tweet

We are trying to get the meeting video and will provide more detail as we get it.

But wow, the dirty laundry is on full display. Sad to see how Levine’s poor leadership destroyed the school’s momentum right after the Final Four.

From the vantage point of anyone paying attention, the only qualification that the chosen candidates have for FAU to say they’re the right fit is that they’re not Randy Fine. Shame on FAU and its liberal agenda. They’ll soon learn that Florida is where WOKE goes to die. 

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