Frankenfood – USA Second Country to Approve Lab-Grown ‘Chicken’

The USA is the second country to approve the sale of lab-grown chicken, otherwise known in limousine liberal speak as “cultivated chicken.” In keeping with elitist, progressive ideas of what’s good for you, this chicken is prohibitively expensive, but you should eat it because it’s good for the environment. Will anyone buy this overpriced, “environmentally friendly,” virtue-signaling Frankenfood, or will the general public who looks at prices say no to this bespoke bullshit? 

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According to the NY Post;

The Agriculture Department gave the green light to Upside Foods and Good Meat, firms that had been racing to be the first in the US to sell meat that doesn’t come from slaughtered animals — what’s now being referred to as “cell-cultivated” or “cultured” meat as it emerges from the laboratory and arrives on dinner plates.

The move launches a new era of meat production aimed at eliminating harm to animals and drastically reducing the environmental impacts of grazing, growing feed for animals, and animal waste.

“Cultivated meat” is grown in steel tanks, using cells from a living animal, a fertilized egg, or a special bank of stored cells. It comes out in large sheets that are then formed into shapes like chicken cutlets and sausages.

Most people refer to “slaughtered animals” as dinner and “formed into shapes,” which sounds an awful lot like a “Soylent Green” nightmare before the famous line in the movie when you find out that the food isn’t made of soy or lentils. 

Good Meat, which already sells cultivated meat in Singapore, the first country to allow it, turns masses of chicken cells into cutlets, nuggets, shredded meat, and satays.

Last I checked, Singapore also allows caning as a form of corporal punishment, so I’m unsure about following their lead with the food. 

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It should come as no surprise that the first place this ultra-expensive food-ish thing will be served is at exclusive restaurants in woke San Francisco and Washington DC, states that lecture most about what it means to be a good person.  

Company officials who make this stuff are quick to note that the products are meat, not substitutes like the Impossible Burger or offerings from Beyond Meat, which are made from plant proteins and other ingredients, according to the NY Post. 

In other words, they claim this manufactured stuff is real because it’s made from food cells. I would argue that if you need to do something to make it resemble the food it’s supposed to be, it’s not the actual food. 

Amy Chen, Chief Operating Officer of Upside Chicken, told Fox News that Upside experts take cells from live animals, choosing those most likely to taste good and reproduce quickly and consistently, forming high-quality meat. She also told  Fox News that she’s “very excited” that the USDA has deemed their product as “chicken,” and she referred to the product as “a taste of the future.” 

The two firms emphasized that the initial production of this “chicken” would be limited. One saving grace is that lab-grown meat won’t be available for widespread distribution for seven to ten years. According to Fox News, Upside Foods estimates being able to produce 50,000 pounds of cell-cultivated chicken per year as opposed to US chicken production now, which is about 44 billion pounds a year. So, for now, this “food” is expensive and hard to get, meaning the poor and underserved won’t have this manufactured meat forced on them yet.

According to the NY Post, Eventually, the price is expected to mirror high-end organic chicken, which sells for up to $20 per pound.

I’ve always despised food that appears to be one thing but is really another. I guess that most people won’t want food that needs to be formed into the shape of a real and natural thing. The “most likely to taste good” chicken is a real chicken. 

We’ll soon see how real people react to this clucking disgusting lab-grown woke chicken, but it sounds like it’s for the birds.

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