9 Gifts Kids Hate to Get, but Adults Love

Do you remember being a kid and getting just downright disappointing gifts? Those gifts usually involve two things that kids hate; things that are practical and useful.

A friend gave me two pairs of “you’re awesome” socks for a gift this year. I took the socks to New York with me, It’s freezing here, and these socks are warm and cozy. This is one of the best and most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Socks and underwear top the list of great things to get as an adult. It would be weird to give your friend underwear, but husbands seem to love to get it. Let’s face it. Socks and underwear may not be exciting, but we’re all glad to get new ones.

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The same category of valuable things are gloves, knit hats, or a coat. I’m looking at all of you who go to cold weather places or have to deal with freezing below-70s temperatures in Florida once a year. The gift of personal temperature control is a dream for grown-ups. Kids have yet to learn what cold even is. Remember that.

Listen up, adult children. Your gift-giving skills for parents/aunts/stepparents can use some help too. One of my stepsons gave me elf shoes. I’ll give credit where credit is due. I love those shoes. My husband even wears them. People like me will wear elf shoes, but most people would be like, what the bleep am I going to do with these?

My suggestion for the next time you try to figure out what to buy for an adult, look no further than a phone charger. Buy the best, fast-charging one. I promise an adult recipient will be thrilled.

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Did you know there’s a thing called a mini umbrella? It’s small enough for women to fit in a purse. Men can throw it in their glove compartment. Never get stuck in the rain again.


Do you know a couple that likes to sleep? If so, look no further than Mike Lindell’s travel pillow. Get two for the couple. Don’t get cheap about this. Get the pillowcases. I was gifted one travel pillow. I don’t know what it is about this thing, but it’s just the perfect size. Use it behind your neck while reading. Put it behind your knees. It’s just perfect. For two years, my husband and I would go back and forth about who would use this pillow. This is why you need to buy two for a couple. I finally gave in and just bought another pillow. Now we each have our own—game changer.

MyPillow Roll

Do you live in a liberal area? If so, you live in one of the places that no longer allow plastic straws. Paper straws get mushy while you’re using them, making them disgusting. The solution is metal straws. I used one in a milkshake recently, and it was fantastic. It stays nice and cold while using it and is environmentally friendly. Give one of these do-gooder straws to your aunt and let her enjoy smugly taking it out of her purse to show off to her brunch buddies.

Metal Straws
Metal Straws


Give a child pajamas, and they will hate you. Give pajamas to an adult; they’ll love you forever. A friend gave me pink, fuzzy pajamas a couple of years ago. My husband isn’t thrilled when I sport this look, but when I put them on with my recently gifted “you’re awesome” socks, I am in snuggle comfort heaven.

Mike Caruso, Tracy Caruso, Judith Harch, and Joe Harch in matching pajamas.

Last but not least, don’t get creative when in doubt. Give your adult kid the gift of cold, hard cash, and don’t forget to do something nice for yourself.


But remember, Christmas is a beautiful time, with or without gifts.

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