[Video] FL Preschool Teacher Teaches Students to ‘Be Gay’ – ‘F–k Your Mom’

A new video has emerged, reportedly showing a rant by a Florida preschool teacher, who says she teaches her students to “be gay” and find a new family if they don’t like the one they have.

The video was published to X on Monday by the account ‘LibsOfTikTok.’

“Meet DeDe Duffy. A preschool teacher in Cape Coral, FL,” the account said. “She says she teaches her students that if they don’t like their parents, they can find another family. She also says she teaches them to be gay. These are the people teaching your kids.”

The minute-long video shows two clips from the private TikTok account @watr.bug, which has more than 17,000 followers.

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In the first clip, the woman can be seen ranting in her car about her home life.

“I feel like I had to learn the concept of chosen families really young, and it wasn’t anything to do with my queerness but just based on the fact that I didn’t have the love at home that I needed. And I knew that I was valuable and deserved it so I found it on my own early on. And, you know, I shouldn’t be blamed for that. Because like blood still exists. And you were never there for me. And I found my own love and that’s okay and I think everyone should be allowed to do that.”

She then adds that she teaches the concept of “chosen families” in her preschool classroom before cursing her students’ mothers and her sister.

“And that’s what I always f–king teach in the classroom. I always say give it to your friend and not your mom because f–k your mom. And I don’t know I’m just so sad. I am so sad. And I hate my sister she’s a f–king c–t and that’s all I have to say.”

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In the second clip, the woman can be seen doing a TikTok dance in her classroom. A caption over the video reads,

“the only thing these fl kids r learning from me is be gay”

The video posted by LibsOfTikTok has received more than 5.5 million views and over 12,000 comments as of Tuesday morning.

“This can’t be real. No one would hire a person like that to teach four and 5-year-olds. Would they?” one comment asked.

“Just teach the approved material, that’s it,” said another user. “Had to call the school last week bc my 6th grader came home complaining that her teacher was talking to the students about her divorce. These kids are not your emotional support pets.”

“The best advertisement video for home schooling your kids in history” ~ Vince Langman [@LangmanVince]

“She’s purposely putting her personal problems on little children. She needs to be in therapy, not in a classroom,” said commentator Orietta Rose. “I hope she is fired from this position because she is not an adequate leader for any child. She obviously can’t leave her issues at the door.”

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