DeSantis Blasts Kamala as ‘Impeachment Insurance’ For Biden – ‘Nobody Wants Harris’

Governor Ron DeSantis says that the media is running cover for Joe Biden for one reason: nobody wants a President Kamala Harris. DeSantis referred to Harris as “impeachment insurance” during an interview Monday. He discussed her poor performance as Vice President and suggested she was the reason House Republicans have been hesitant to launch an impeachment inquiry.

While speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, DeSantis blamed Harris’ low favorability for Biden’s “weakness” not being taken more seriously.

“This is a guy that is stumbling around the world stage. He is projecting weakness,” DeSantis said.

“I think our enemies have already taken advantage of that. It’s likely to invite even more problems around the world and so, you know, it’s sad. But I think it’s obvious that he has been struggling for quite some time. And you’re right, the corporate press is going to do whatever they can to run interference for him.”

“I also look and think about who is waiting in the wings with Kamala, and I think you’re right in terms of the aptitude,” the Florida Governor added.

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Biden–turning 81 in November–has shown his age more and more over his term. Stumbling over words, stairs, and sandbags has become a regular occurrence for the 46th President. At a recent press conference in Vietnam, Biden’s aides had to cut him off mid-speech after he started to ramble and announce to audience members, “I’m going to bed.”

Despite record numbers of Republicans and Democrats expressing concerns over Biden’s age, Americans do not appear willing to trade the octogenarian for a President Kamala Harris. Job approval polling has consistently awarded lower marks to Harris than Biden.

“In terms of the aptitude, even though she’s a lot younger, I think she’s basically been his impeachment insurance because people know, no matter how bad Biden is, nobody wants Harris,” DeSantis told Ingraham.

“And that’s just the reality, and that’s a sad situation America find ourselves in,”
According to two recent polls by the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, nearly 80 percent of voters–including a large majority of Democrats–do not have confidence that Biden is governing effectively. As more scenes unfold of the President being bossed around by his aides, voters increasingly question whether Biden is actually in control.

Asked who he thought was really in charge of the Oval Office, DeSantis offered up a few ideas,

“I think you have a lot of very left-wing aides and staffers in the White House. And I think you have a line to people like Valerie Jarrett, Obama.” DeSantis told Ingraham. “I think they are all involved behind the scenes pushing him in a very left-wing direction.”

“I mean, his presidency has been more left-wing than Obama’s was, even, and he presented himself as a more moderate candidate when he ran in 2020,” DeSantis continued. “And I think that’s a result of these folks really pushing the envelope.”

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