The propaganda of the Palm Beach Post

The Palm Beach Post and most of Florida’s dead-tree legacy media took sides while often pretending not to in the debate over HB 1557, which gave parents the ability to make decisions about their children.

Taking sides when you’re supposed to be writing “straight news” is a lot about the headlines.

The Palm Beach Post wrote story after story with ‘Don’t Say Gay’ in the headline.

In fairness to the writers of these articles, writers rarely write their headlines., although I’m guessing most of the writers would have done the same thing.

The constant use of the phrase “Don’t Say Gay,” the language of the left-wing opposition to parental rights, was used by experienced news writers who know that constantly repeating a simple phrase will embed it in people’s minds as truth.

That’s called propaganda, not journalism.

The Truth of Florida’s new law, you can ‘Say Gay’ all day

The quote marks they use in the headline “Don’t Say Gay” is their defense. The quote marks are so they can say, we didn’t say it, other people did, we’re just reporting what they said.

That “explanation” is one of the most famous bullshit lines in the media world.

When a media outlet only uses the language of one side, that’s the side they’re on.

If a conservative news site did that, fact-checkers would be all over them for slanted, clickbait headlines that lack context. Facebook, Twitter, etc., would restrict the conservative site’s reach, and places like USA Today and NewsGuard would label them fake news.

The Palm Beach Post can publish propaganda without worry, though.

Big Tech is on their side, and big tech plays favorites.

The following headlines only go back to March 8, enough to make my point.

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State Attorney Dave Aronberg
Photo credit: PBC State Attorney’s Office

Why no Fentanyl strips?

I saw this Tweet by Palm Beach County’s State Attorney Dave Aronberg. Aronberg is quoted in a WPBF interview as saying that legalizing fentanyl test strips is a no-brainer, and he’s right.

Drug takers could test their drugs to see if they contained any deadly fentanyl. Test strips are considered drug paraphernalia and are illegal in Florida. Legalized testing strips would save countless lives.

Test strips are such a common-sense move it should have bi-partisan support.

Palm Beach County State Attorney fights to legalize fentanyl test strips

We the people

Thanks to all the conscientious citizens in Palm Beach County, PBC Jolt is great.

I’m looking for local freelance writers, both amateur and professional. If you think the legacy media doesn’t appropriately cover your city or part of the county, step up and be part of the solution.

PBC Jolt is not only politics. It’s about life in our county. Museums, shows, exciting people and businesses, charities, etc., Jolt wants to cover anything good or bad that contributes to our way of life.

Anyone who feels they can contribute should contact me.

Please email me at [email protected], and let’s talk.

P.S. We just added Emojis and Giphy to our comment section. Have fun. Live it up!

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