UPDATED: The shame of Delray Beach, Florida

Update: The official Facebook account for the City of Delray Beach responded to my post on March 17. 2022 at approximately 10:30 AM.

From the insignificant to the most powerful, every politician in the country lavishes praise and thanks on our veterans on Memorial and Veterans day. But do they mean it?

Believing in something means acting a certain way.

If you believe in our country and military service, you should take care of the flag our veterans fought and died under while fighting for their country.

Talk is cheap, but it takes a genuine commitment to do what’s right all year round.

The screencap below is from a private Delray Beach group on Facebook.

Is this how Delray Beach honors our country and its heroes?

I’ve called and texted Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia to respond but haven’t heard back yet.

The shame of Delray Beach, Florida


Facebook comments on Delray Beach flag


Note: The featured image used on social media for this post is a stock image provided by Shutterstock.

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