Self-Impregnating Stingray Dies

In February of 2024, a stingray in captivity was reported as pregnant despite being the lone stingray in the tank. The news went viral and made headlines on “Jimmy Kimmel” and “Saturday Night Live.” After months of speculation about how Charlotte magically was able to reproduce, it turned out that it was a false pregnancy caused by a genetic disease. Now, in the latest bit of news, Charlotte has died, making this the third article Florida Jolt has put out about a stingray who raised the hopes of man-hating progressives everywhere, who were ready to use Charlotte as their mascot to show people can ignore basic biology, women can do anything on their own, and females don’t need males to reproduce. That dream was untrue, and it died along with Charlotte. 

Charlotte the Stingray rose to fame when it was reported that she had become pregnant despite no other stingrays residing in the same aquarium tank. It turned out to be a false pregnancy, and now Charlotte has died. Man and stingrays aren’t meant to live alone.

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The speculation about the pregnancy brought up some interesting theories from sci-fi lovers. Who’s Your Daddy? – Aquarium Stingray Pregnant With No Male in Sight;

Third-wave feminists and Democrats have long claimed that women don’t need men to survive, and it turns out that they may be on to something. According to NBC, a female stingray named Charlotte is pregnant at a North Carolina aquarium. No male stingrays are in the tank, leaving all to wonder, how did this happen? Was it a lonely aquarium staffer? Was it magic? Did a mad scientist inject DNA into the stingray to see what would happen, just like in the old, oddly compelling movie, “Splice?” The answer could be much more exciting but no less twisted. 

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The aquarium speculated that there were two possible reasons for the strange phenomenon;

One way is a very rare process called parthenogenesis, in which the eggs develop independently without fertilization and create a clone of the mother, according to BJ Ramer, founder and director of the aquarium.

Ramer told NBC affiliate WRAL that they began doing ultrasounds on Charlotte in September when she started to “swell.” The aquarium’s vet identified the growth as eggs and noted that despite the absence of a male ray, “There have been few cases of parthenogenesis in rays.”

The second explanation for Charlotte’s pregnancy is a bit more weird science. Ramer said the stingray may have mated with a male shark added to the tank in July.

Fast forward, and the pregnancy turned out to be false;

According to the NY Post,

A biologist specializing in stingrays said that the Aquarium and Shark Lab celebrity stingray in Hendersonville, NC, may have suffered from a “false pregnancy”-style sickness caused by living in captivity. 

As reported in Florida Jolt’s follow-up to the original story, Lone Impregnated Stingray Turns Out Not To Be Pregnant,

As interesting as the possibility of a self-impregnating stingray seemed, it turns out that it wasn’t to be. The story’s moral is that animals like this aren’t meant to be alone and should remain free in the wild.  

In early June, the aquarium announced that Charlotte was no longer pregnant.

As a result, the facility temporarily closed on June 1.

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