RFK Says a Worm Ate Part of His Brain 

RFK Jr., the 70-year-old independent presidential candidate known for being an outspoken anti-vaxer, said doctors found a dead worm in his head after it ate part of his brain. This wild admission happened over a decade ago during a deposition as part of his 2012 divorce proceeding when he said that a worm ate part of his brain and then died in his head. It’s unlikely that anyone would be surprised if outspoken, vocally challenged Kennedy said he had a frog in his throat or if he said his voice was a horse, but “a worm ate my brain” was unexpected.   

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RFK Jr., now 70, made the bizarre admission during his 2012 divorce proceeding, detailing “cognitive problems” he initially feared were a brain tumor — only for a second doctor to tell him the dark spot on his scans was a dead parasite, according to the New York Times.

Kennedy said he did not know when he may have contracted the parasite but suggested it might have been during an earlier trip to South Asia. Doctors interviewed by the Times suggested it was likely a pork tapeworm larva, which has been known to cause seizures, headaches, and dizziness when they start to die.

Additionally, according to the NY Post, Kennedy said that he suffered from mercury poisoning from eating too many tuna fish sandwiches, which caused cognitive problems such as short-term memory loss, brain fog, and the ability to retrieve certain words.“I loved tuna fish sandwiches. I ate them all the time,” he said. To combat some of these issues, he made lifestyle changes such as getting more sleep, traveling less, and eating fewer tuna melts. 

The NY Post goes on to say that,

The septuagenarian has used his relative youth to support his insurgent candidacy against former President Donald Trump, 77, and President Biden, 81.

When asked if his health issues would impact his ability to serve as president, a spokesperson for the Kennedy campaign told the Times, “That is a hilarious suggestion, given the competition.” Kennedy tweeted a joking offer to “eat five more brain worms and still beat President Trump and President Biden in a debate.” I feel confident of the result even with a six-worm handicap,” he added on X.

Kennedy seems to have a lot to say about his opponents given his long history of health issues, which includes hepatitis C caused by heroin use in his youth, another admission during the same divorce deposition. 

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RFK Jr. is a long-shot candidate. Although his future as president seems about as likely to happen as a worm eating your brain, the humorous nature of this past health admission could give him a future as a comedic comic actor, playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself if there’s ever a revival of Larry David’s show Curb Your Enthusiasm, which his current wife, Cheryl Hines, starred in for many years. 

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