Protect Our Values: New Mailer Rips Crist for Transgender Views

Protect Our Values Political Committee has put out two new anti-Crist mailers ripping Crist for his positions on transgender athletes in women’s sports and student loan forgiveness.

Both mailers were presented satirically and included images of trans athlete Lia Thomas and a nose-ringed, face-tattooed model.

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The first mailer, regarding biological men in women’s sports, ironically compared the trend to when black athletes were allowed to enter the Major leagues.


“Trans athletes are the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of our time. Charlie Crist will make sure they can compete in girls’ sports in Florida.”

The mailer included a picture of Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete who blew out the female competition, setting record times for the women’s 200- and 600-yard freestyle competition.

In 2021 the legislature passed a law that bans all biological men from competing in girls’ sports, a position Crist opposes vehemently, calling it “cruel.”

Crist’s support for biological men in women’s sports is not popular with some on Twitter.

Another mailer the committee paid for raised the alarm on Crist’s support for federal student loan forgiveness, a policy Biden has pushed. The mailer mocked this idea by stating Crist bailing out people like a “gender studies major” who already spent money on a face tattoo and nose ring.

“I went into debt getting my Gender Studies degree,” the mailer says, next to a black-and-white photo of a woman with three piercings. “Thanks to Charlie Crist, taxpayers are bailing me out.”

The mailer continues the sarcastic bit.


“Paying off your own debts isn’t fair, upper class families making over six figures struggle to pay for ever-rising college tuition and comfortable housing. Call Charlie Crist. Thank him for bailing out those with college degrees who need our help so much.”

Included was the phone number that belongs to the Florida Democrat Party, according to Google.

This mailer also addresses a compelling issue; many Floridians are not happy with Crist’s record on student loan forgiveness, arguing it spiked the cost of college.


According to Florida Politics, the group has been active only since September. However, in that time, the PAC has spent 1.2 million dollars so far, according to  Florida Politics. The committee has been drawing donations from various sources, but primarily the Seminole Tribe. One thing’s for sure; those donors are probably happy with how their money is being spent.

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