Leaked Email Shows FAU Acting Guilty As Sin

An email leaked to CBS News reveals that “the top brass” at FAU is desperately trying to cover their butts as an investigation by an inspector general proceeds regarding perceived “anomalies” discovered during the search for a new university president. Over the last couple of months, surprising information has surfaced. The FAU presidential search committee put out a questionnaire to candidates and asked at least one candidate if he was “queer” and if he was a biological male or transgendered male. That candidate turns out to have been State Representative Randy Fine R-Brevard, a conservative leader in the Florida House who has sponsored legislation to prevent gender-changing surgical procedures on minors and prevent prescribing puberty blockers to children. He has been a champion of parental rights. He is also the candidate Governor Ron DeSantis recommended for the university president position.

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Despite a complete denial of any wrongdoing with the questionnaire, it seems oddly coincidental that this candidate was asked these grossly inappropriate, possibly illegal, questions. University Chancellor Ray Rodrigues then sent a letter suspending the search for a new president, and an investigation will take place to find out what happened.

Florida Jolt broke the bombshell story about FAU hiring politically tied-in Democrat attorney Barry Richard. Richard was a Democrat State Representative in Florida in the seventies. He is married to State Rep Allison Tant D-Tallahassee, the former Democratic Party of Florida Chair. Richard represented the Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum during the gubernatorial vote recount against then-candidate Ron DeSantis. Rep Tant has sent multiple messages through text and on Twitter (now known as X) since the article broke, stating that her husband represented George W. Bush during the 2000 presidential election challenge as though this somehow changes the fact that he represented Gillum, possibly the most reviled Democrat in Florida history. Tant also sent a message denying that Richard worked on the Gillum recount, which leaves one to wonder why Florida Politics published an article called Barry Richard-Gillum’s Recount Lawyer-Takes Leave From Firm.

Gillum was a local ethics issue. Not related to vote count. Or DeSantis election ~ Rep Allison Tant

There is no question that Richard is a highly respected attorney, but FAU engaging this particular attorney brings up many questions. In addition to representing Gillum and Bush, Richard is the attorney who worked to stop a subpoena issued by the state by State Representative Randy Fine, who demanded that records be turned over that would show the “science” supporting the need for “gender re-affirming care.” Some might see this as a conflict.

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FAU has a general counsel for the school. The leaked letter to CBS is from VP and General Counsel of FAU, David Kian, and had one line that was particularly disconcerting;

If the inspector general contacts you, contact me so we can assist and coordinate a response. ~ David Kian VP and General Counsel FAU

Committee members who may have to give statements for the investigation under oath are being told not to do so without “coordinating a response” first. This is a severe problem and brings up even more questions. FAU has hired outside counsel to deal with the Board of Governors. Why was outside counsel hired

The only thing that seems to have come out so far is that Randy Fine isn’t transgender, but unlike FAU, he is transparent. It’s time to clean house. FAU needs a reboot. Click to Tweet
? Who approved hiring politically tied-in attorney Barry Richard, who can be viewed as having a conflict? How much will this cost? How is this an appropriate use of taxpayer funds? FAU is a subsidiary of the Board of Governors. In other words, the BOG is their boss. Why would you hire a lawyer to deal with your boss?

This all appears very serious, and some wonder if this is passing into criminal territory. Are Brad Levine and David Kian trying to protect themselves by hiring lawyers using taxpayer dollars? If everything is completely fine and the search was conducted on the up and up, why are they lawyering up and telling people not to answer questions without being prepped and coached?

The only thing that seems to have come out so far is that Randy Fine isn’t transgender, but unlike FAU, he is transparent. It’s time to clean house. FAU needs a reboot.

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