Karla Hernández-Mats is Hiding Her Husband Feliks, We Found Out Why

Charlie Crist’s running mate, Karla-Hernández-Mats, is married to a man arrested for serving alcohol to a minor when he was twenty-six.

Feliks Mats got arrested when he was a student at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

A twenty-six-year-old giving alcohol to a minor may or may not concern voters, but someone has been trying hard to erase all the evidence. Given that both Hernandez-Mats and her husband work in our school systems, the public has a right to know about this arrest.

I started to write a post about an appearance Hernández-Mats scheduled for Sept. 15 in Palm Beach County with Palm Beach County School Board member Alexandria Ayala.

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Justin Katz of the teachers union is also involved, but the combination of Hernández-Mats and Ayala first caught my eye.

When I saw that Karla-Hernández Mats had become Karla Hernández on the invitation, I initially thought that Mats must not have sounded Hispanic enough to the organizers.

Karla Hernandez-Mats

I did a quick search for Mats so I could do a sarcastic post about his name disappearing and that maybe the meat cleaver-loving Ayala had used a cleaver on him for not wearing a mask or daring to speak to her without permission.

Two PBC School Board Members Vote Against Expelling Student for Meat Cleaver

The search turned up nothing. Every article said Hernández-Mats was happily married with two children. That’s it. No first name. No occupation. Nothing. 

Who the heck was Mats?

It took all afternoon and three people researching to find out that Feliks Mats, who sometimes uses the first name Felix is a soccer coach in Miami and was born in Latvia.

Karla Hernandez-Mats

Felix Mats (M.S.,’ 04) has been the Head Men’s Soccer Coach at St. Thomas University since March 2006.

I decided to do a deep dive on Feliks because if I can’t find something out about a candidate or their spouse immediately, something is wrong.

My professionals say amateurs can’t erase themselves this well, and fellow professionals had to have done the erasing.

Hernández and Mats on Facebook:

Karla Hernandez-Mats

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The real scandal here is not that the Hernández-Mats family and campaign tried to hide damaging information; we all expect that.

The scandal is that either no one in the legacy media bothered to do a routine background check, or they did and decided not to tell anyone about it.

We checked around thirty news stories and couldn’t find anything on Mats.

It took a social media post by Hernández from 2016 to determine if she was even married to a man. We found a possible marriage between two women with similar names, but it wasn’t them.

Every single media outlet needs to explain itself.

Why didn’t we know this?

I don’t believe that every media outlet failed to check on Mats. Some of them had to have found it and decided to keep it secret, which is an outrageous abuse of what little trust the public has left in the legacy media.

As I said earlier, voters may decide it’s not damaging that her husband gave alcohol to a minor, but the people have a right to the information.

For Democrats, the scandal is that they trusted Charlie Crist to vet his running mate carefully.

No one trusts Crist.

What were Democrats thinking?

Out-of-town Democrats should understand that anyone appearing with PBC School Board member Ayala will get scrutinized, and they should govern themselves accordingly.

There are no more secrets. Candidates know this intellectually, but they still won’t believe it.

Maybe they’ll believe it now.

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