I’m Done With LensCrafters Because of Their Mask Policy

I’ve had to wear glasses since I was in grade school and while I always hated wearing them, getting my eyes checked was never a big deal until LensCrafters wouldn’t let me do my eye tests without a mask.

I’m a medical freedom guy. I don’t believe in forced vaccinations or vaccinations as a condition of employment. I’ve worn a mask when I had no choice but to wear one. I’m not a fan of masks, and I don’t think they work well.

If someone wants to do nothing about COVID, that’s their business. Conversely, If a person wants to take every shot in the world and wrap themselves up like a mummy, that’s also their business. It’s not my business. I don’t care.

Making children wear masks in school and closing schools anywhere was borderline criminal since children never had the same risks adults had. Florida proved children didn’t need masks, and schools could open without harming children.

My son graduated from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University in May 2021. To attend his graduation ceremony, my wife and I had to have proof of vaccination status and wear masks in the most absurd situations imaginable.

Emerald Lisa Furnari with Mask
My wife, Emerald Lisa Furnari, while attending our son’s graduation.

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Usually, if anyone asked about my vaccination status, I’d be pretty rude in telling them that it was none of their business, but to write this post, I had to talk about it.

I won’t even get into the horrific ordeal that air travel was with masks.

Back to graduation, I know the government is mostly incompetent. Still, even I was stunned by the absurdity of forcing parents to sit distanced from each other in a giant domed stadium with masks on while their kids sat distanced from each other on the field.

I couldn’t wait to return to the Free State of Florida, where common sense still reigned.

At my age and with my vision problems, I’m supposed to get my eyes checked every two years.

When COVID started, I had already passed the two-year mark. I waited out the first year or so of Covid, figuring an extra year wouldn’t kill me.
Last year I went to Lenscrafters at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton to get examined and get new glasses. To get there, I walked through a mall where maybe ten percent of people still wore masks.

Lenscrafters wouldn’t let the doctor examine my eyes unless I wore a mask.

That was the last straw. Your face gets stuffed into half a dozen machines in a complete examination, and I could not imagine myself being able to breathe or concentrate on little lights and such while having a mask wrapped around my face.

The government (and Syracuse University) may be able to force me at times to do stupid things, but outside of that, no one is forcing me to do anything.

I walked out. I was polite, but I figured, what the heck, how long could it last? I can wait a few months.

Since then, we’ve called LensCrafters every month or two, asking if I still needed a mask to get my eyes examined, and they were unrelenting.No mask. No eye exam.

The lenses for my glasses are costly. I also usually get contacts and a designer-type frame, and I’m brand loyal. I don’t like changing stores or products much, and I often wreck my glasses with scratches and clumsy drops, meaning I buy them more often than most people. Over a ten or twenty-year time span, I’m a gold mine for an eyeglass place.

A private business can do what they want, but so can I.

A few weeks ago, after the latest LensCrafters rejection, I decided I would never return there again.

We called BocaView Optical, and I didn’t need a mask to get examined there. The people were helpful, and the place felt less like an eyeball factory than LensCrafters.

I support freedom for myself and everyone else, so goodbye, Lenscrafters, and hello, BocaView Optical.

Check out BocaView Optical

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