For Criticizing Ayala’s Woke Junket, a Clown-Suited Barbieri Yells at Parent

When Alexandra Barkovskaya spoke at the Palm Beach County school board meeting, she may not have expected to get treated well, but it’s doubtful she thought she’d get yelled at by a clownish-looking School Board Chair wearing a Christmas suit.

Barkovskaya, who often uses the last name Berk for convenience’s sake when she addresses the school board, started out by criticizing radical leftist and neo-racist District 2 school board member Alexandria Ayala’s three-thousand dollar “equity” junket.

Earlier this month, the Palm Beach County School Board voted 6-1 to send Ayala on the trip.

Despite New Warning, Palm Beach County School Board to Send Radical Leftist Ayala to ‘Equity’ Conference

Barbieri lost his temper and thuggishly tried to shut down a concerned parent for daring to criticize Ayala and her junket. Barbieri spouted some self-righteous nonsense about criticizing religious views, which was wildly incorrect.

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No, we’re not going there tonight; we’re not talking about, you’re not going to criticize board members up here with about religious views. ~Frank Barbieri

But Barkovskaya is no wilting flower and shot back,

I have a freedom of speech and there’s nothing to do this religion. It’s about her trip which we have to pay, and I think we better get the first brick to this high school than pay arrogant brick. It’s my freedom of speech. You can’t interrupt me.

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School Board Chair Frank Barbieri

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Barkovskaya must have thought she was in America, but she wasn’t; she was in the Soviet-style gulag of indoctrination we call the Palm Beach County School District.

I can interrupt you like first of all, I can’t understand what you’re saying, so I hear you saying school board member’s names, and if you’re up here criticizing them for something the board already voted on. ~Frank Barbieri

Can you imagine Barbieri dismissing someone Hispanic or Haitian because he couldn’t understand what they were saying? I don’t see that happening.

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And on a personal note, “Frankie Bag of Donuts,” I’m guessing that just like me, you had grandparents who never learned to speak English well. Show respect to people like Barkovskaya who disagree with the board, and you might get some back. Dressing like a clown hardly inspires respect, and if you’re literally going to wear Christmas on your sleeve, try and have some Christmas Spirit.

Watch the entire exchange:

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