Florida Jolt Triggers Lefty Blogger Schorsch With Coverage of FAU Board Disaster

On Sunday, Florida Jolt reported that FAU Chair Brad Levine had hired a partisan attorney to review the board’s search process for a new university president. The misconduct of the FAU board and the blatant hackery that has underscored the search process would be appalling to most. Still, Florida Jolt’s coverage of the month-long situation has one lefty blogger up in arms for a different reason.

Peter Schorsch is the publisher of Florida Politics. His blog is one of a million left-wing sites that cover Florida’s media landscape. On Sunday, he referred to Florida Jolt’s coverage as a “story”–snide air quotes and all–and went after its author.

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Florida Jolt’s Editor-at-Large, Tracy Caruso, has covered the situation since the beginning. Notably absent from Schorsch’s remarks are any relevant facts about the story at all.

In July, FAU was forced to suspend its search after Chancellor Ray Rodrigues raised concerns about the criteria being used. According to a letter from Rodrigues to Chair Brad Levine, candidates at least one candidate had been asked questions about his sexuality and whether he was “queer” or “transgender.” The Florida Board of Governors’ Inspector General was then called in to investigate.

Governor Ron DeSantis also urged that Rep. Randy Fine–a Harvard Business graduate–be considered for the position, but he ultimately did not make the final three. It was later revealed that Fine was the candidate asked about his sexuality.

Tensions have since flared repeatedly during FAU’s board of trustees meetings.

At the latest meeting, Levine unveiled a letter previously unknown to the other trustees. It rendered the opinion that FAU’s presidential search process had been entirely by the book. On Sunday, however, Caruso reported that the attorney hired by Levine was none other than Barry Richard.

“Barry Richard, the husband of former Florida Democrat Party Chair Allison Tant, now a Democrat State Representative, but that’s not the bombshell. Richard is also the attorney who worked on Democrat Andrew Gillum’s recount against then-opponent Ron DeSantis in 2018.

Additionally, Richard is the attorney who worked to stop a subpoena issued by the state by State Representative Randy Fine, who demanded that records be turned over that would show the “science” supporting the need for ‘gender re-affirming care.’ Fine happens to be Governor DeSantis’s recommendation for president of FAU that the school rejected. ~ Tracy Caruso, Florida Jolt Editor-at-Large

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The only fact Schorsch brought to the table was that Richard had repped George W. Bush more than 20 years ago, back when Schorsch himself was a Republican.

The fact that FAU hired an attorney, let alone one with strong connections and clients in the Florida Democratic Party, should raise serious alarm bells.

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