Feminists Storm off Dating Show After Man Says He Won’t Sleep With Trans Woman – ‘I’m Not Gay’

A popular dating podcast descended into chaos after its male host said he would not sleep with a transsexual woman. Two guests stormed off the “Whatever” podcast set in outrage, calling the host ‘transphobic’ and ‘hateful’ for his comments.

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“Chase, would you rather smash the hottest trans woman in the world or the oldest woman in the world?” one of the viewers asked the host.
“Honestly, bro, the oldest woman in the world, ’cause then I wouldn’t be gay,” Chase responded.

The podcast publishes a segment called “Dating Talk” twice a week on its YouTube channel. The recent clip originally aired in October 2022, but went viral on Feb. 27, garnering almost 5 million views.

Warning: Adult Language

“What? You really just want me to just rip you a f–king new one, I swear to God,” shouted one guest named Kiko.

“Are you like ‘Chase, how dare you be transphobic?’” the host said, chuckling.

“What the f–k do you mean? Yes, that was so unnecessary,” Kiko replied.

“‘Cause if I had sex with a trans woman, I’d be having sex with a biological man,” Chase explained. “And I don’t wanna do that… I would be gay if I had sex with a biological man.”

The panel erupted into a fury.

“That’s not gay! That’s not gay!” one woman shouted.

“Shut the f—k up, actually,” Kiko told the host. “That’s too far, that’s too f–king far,”

The clip then shows the girl standing up and starting to storm off the set.

“She’s right, I mean, that’s really hateful, bro,” another guest named Breazy said.

“She’s not, that would technically be homosexual,” Chase responded. “A trans woman is a biological man. Sue me, it’s true.”

“F—k dude, that’s mean.” Breazy replied before also storming off the set.

“If you guys want to respect gender identities, that’s his, though, that’s his sexuality,” one woman said in defense of the host.

Kiko then stormed back onto the set.

“That’s too f–king far,” she shrieked. “A man of God who doesn’t judge—a Christian—yeah, okay… Suck a f—king d—k Chase.”

Kiko and Chase exchanged a few more blows before she left the set entirely.

“You know what God said?” Chase responded. “It said He made them man and woman. He made them man and woman.”

After the meltdown ended, the panelists calmed, now with two empty seats at the table.

“Who knew that stating biological facts would make people walk off the show,” Chase said.

Several other clips from the podcast have gone viral over the past week. During one segment, a female panelist uses the word “like” 37 times in less than 50 seconds to describe her issues with the “talking stage” of dating. The clip has been viewed almost 14 million times.

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“Like, that s–t is so annoying,” she says. “Like, the whole, like, and just, like, the inconsistency in them, like, I literally, like, hate that, like, so much… But I think that’s, like, my biggest thing is just, like, what.”

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