Houston Police Refer Former Biden Official Sam Brinton’s Luggage Theft Case to F.B.I.

Fired Biden Department of Energy Employee Sam Brinton, 36, who has been investigated twice for stealing luggage, has again been accused of luggage theft, this time from Ronal Reagan International Airport. Now the Houston Police Department has referred the case to the FBI.

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The Houston Police Department passed its investigation on to the FBI after new charges were raised by a Houston Based Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin who saw pictures of Brinton wearing what appeared to be the unique clothes she lost in a bag that went missing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on March 9, 2018. He also seemed to have stolen and worn her jewelry in the bag.

Sam Brinton

Khamsin, who has her own clothing line, said she recently saw a report that Brinton had been charged with stealing pieces of luggage at two separate airports and noticed that he appeared to be wearing her clothes in several photos. Khamsin said she had packed the same clothes in a bag that vanished in 2018.

Khamsin went to Twitter and shared photos on her social media of her designs compared to what Brinton was seen wearing after her luggage with the clothing was stolen from an airport in Washington, DC.

Khamsin says numerous photos have surfaced showing Brinton wearing what appear to be several of her one-of-a-kind outfits.

The patterns, though similar, appear a bit differently on Brinton, and there has been no proof that the items are the same, and it is unclear if he got them altered.


‘When I googled him, I saw my outfits on him,’ Khamsin told KRIV last week.

‘I googled everything and saw my clothing, jewelry, blouses,’ she said. ‘The collection with the same prints. Maybe he liked the designs and this and that, but why? I don’t know how he got my clothes.’

‘It’s custom-made. She does it all herself,’ her husband, Alkhag Khamsin, said. ‘There is no label.

She explained that she was devastated when her bag was stolen as she was on the way to a fashion show and was unable to show them.

‘I was crying the whole week because I didn’t do the fashion show, and that is in my blood,’ Khamsin said. ‘We tried to look through the [surveillance] camera. I think we found that the bag was on the machine there, but it disappeared. We didn’t know who had taken it.

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Neither the FBI nor Houston Police commented on why the FBI took over a luggage theft case.

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