Fake News Flourishes on some Florida Political Blogs

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Fake News Flourishes on some Florida Political Blogs

A Florida political blog posted a ridiculously inaccurate story about the local Republican Executive Committee in Palm Beach County censuring Florida House Rep. Mike Caruso for endorsing a Democrat in another house race.

In a message announcing the censure, it was announced that “the RPOF will… vote to remove Caruso as a Republican candidate & prohibit him from running as a Republican in any future election.” The Floridian aka FloridianPress

The PBC REC passed a resolution censuring Caruso and a resolution calling on The Republican Party of Florida to remove Caruso, but that’s it.

The way this blog uses the word “announced” implies that RPOF will do anything but laugh at such an absurd resolution, and that’s not a mistake.

The blog is trying to attack Caruso for some reason. Speculate about the possible cause as you will.

and the Republican Party of Florida is pursuing sharp measures to take action against Caruso. The Floridian aka FloridianPress

Elected officials don’t have a loyalty oath, and the RPOF will not take “sharp measures” against Caruso, one of the few Republican elected officials left in the county.

RPOF is backing Caruso to the max in his reelection bid.

Elected officials are honorary members of the REC and not subject to any of its rules, and that has always driven executive committee members of both parties nuts.

When you look up Fake News in the dictionary, this post will probably be one of the entries used to illustrate the concept.

Bias at Politico

The left is slick in their use of words. I subscribe to Politico’s daily email, Florida Playbook by Gary Fine.

Every day Fine asks, “WHERE’S RON?” as if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was hard to find, and he was asking his readers if there were any DeSantis sightings.

That’s Fine’s intro to the governor’s official schedule for the day, which is public information. It’s not like it takes any investigative reporting.

WHERE’S RON? — Nothing official announced for Gov. DeSantis.

“WHERE’S RON” leaves a reader with the impression that the country’s best governor could be loafing, and nothing could be further than the truth.

DeSantis ROCKS

Despite a daily pounding by almost every legacy media outlet in the State of Florida, the people love Gov. Ron DeSantis, and the new Mason Dixon poll makes that clear enough. The poll shows DeSantis easily beating all three of his possible opponents.


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