PBC Jolt Exclusive: Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to run for Reelection

For months rumors have been circulating among Palm Beach County politicos that Sheriff Ric Bradshaw wouldn’t run again due to health reasons. County Mayor Dave Kerner was a favorite to become the next Sheriff.

According to Bradshaw, that’s not what’s going to happen.

While Bradshaw has not officially announced his candidacy, he told me today, “I feel good, and I’m going to run.”

The rumors are true! Ric Bradshaw 'feels good' and 'is going to run' for sheriff in 2024. Click to Tweet

Bradshaw, a Democrat, was first elected in 2004 and reelected to another four-year term in 2020, easily crushing his opponent in the Democratic Primary and the Republican Candidate in the general election.

Due to term limits, Kerner, a Democrat, and a former police officer would have to give up his seat on the county commission in 2024.

Bradshaw would be seventy-six years old in 2024, and the assumption has been he would retire, but “I have a lot of gas in my tank,” said Bradshaw.

In a conversation with PBC Jolt, Kerner re-affirmed his support for Sheriff Bradshaw, “I’ve always been a big supporter of our Sheriff.”

“I know he loves his job and is passionate about the agency. I’ll always have his back,” said Kerner.

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