Donald Trump Jr. Donates $1k to FL HD 94 Candidate Anthony Aguirre

Five Republicans are running in the FL HD 94 primary in Palm Beach County, but Anthony Aguirre is the one who received a donation from Donald Trump, Jr. and his fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Last year, Guilfoyle donated $1,000 to Aguirre, and today (3/25/2024), Donald Trump Jr. donated $1,000 to Aguirre.

When contacted by Florida Jolt, Aguirre said,

Don. Jr. is a dear friend and a patriotic American, and I’m honored to have his support and that of his fiance, Kimberly. ~Anthony Aguirre

Five Republicans are vying for the Florida State House District 94 nomination: Christian Acosta, Anthony Aguirre, Jon Carter, Gabrielle Fox, and Megan Weinberger.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Sara Baxter with Anthony Aguirre at Mar-A-Lago

It’s a big deal for a Republican in a primary to get a donation from a member of the Trump family, and this donation is especially notable because, for months, sources have been telling me that President Trump himself had endorsed Megan Weinberger.

I haven’t written about the possibility of an endorsement because there wasn’t an announcement, and I’ve seen no evidence. Endorsements have to be in writing, and I was focused on the Palm Beach County Municipal Elections that were held on March 19, and Republican primaries being held in August weren’t high on my to-do list.

One never knows how these rumors get started, right?

That the President’s son donated to Aguirre doesn’t mean that President Trump might not do something different, but the donation does cast doubt on the veracity of the “Trump has endorsed Weinberger” narrative that’s been floating around Palm Beach County.

I texted Megan Weinberger and asked if she had a written endorsement from President Trump.

I have not yet received an answer, but this post will be updated if I do receive proof of a Trump endorsement from Weinberger or whatever comment she might make.

I have written about Meg Weinberger once before in Despite Denial, GOP Candidate Meg Weinberger a Democrat Donor

From Aguirre’s website:

A political outsider, Anthony Aguirre is running for office for the first time. Anthony was raised in Western Palm Beach County. After graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he partnered with his father, a physician, to create a managed care company. He has also worked as a consultant for Medtronic and hospitalist medicine management companies in Palm Beach County.

Republicans respect Don Jr.’s judgment, and his endorsement could be a deciding factor in this race.

We’ll see.

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