Bush Speechwriter Defends Trump – ‘Guilty of Running for President’

A former speechwriter for George W. Bush came to the defense of Donald Trump on Monday, delivering a scathing criticism of the New York judiciary in the former President’s ongoing civil fraud case.

Just moments after receiving a win and having his $454 million bond reduced by an appeals court, Trump received an April 15 hearing date in his ‘hush-money’ case with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels. Presidential speechwriter Marc Thiessen blasted the courts in an interview with Fox News, saying Trump had been treated as though he were guilty of the “crime” of “running for president.”

“[It] is a victimless crime – the crime he’s guilty of is running for President. None of this would be happening if Donald Trump wasn’t running for President,” he told host Martha MacCallum. Thiessen continued by tallying up Trump’s current indictments and pointing out that he faces even more charges than cult leader Charles Manson did.

“They’ve issued 91 indictments against Donald Trump. Charles Manson faced 10,” Thiessen said. “They’ve got multiple cases trying to bankrupt him. They’re trying to use the 14th Amendment to kick him off of the ballot. I’ve never seen such collusion between the left on the federal state and local level working together in concert to destroy a man.”

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The decision by a New York appeals court to slash Trump’s bond from $454 million to $175 million came as a boon for the New York judiciary, Thiessen argued, saying the full amount had undermined the justice system’s credibility.

“I think they ought to be relieved because if this judgment had not been lowered and Trump couldn’t meet it – if you want to make sure that Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, go let [State Attorney General] Letitia James walk up to Trump Tower and stamp an eviction notice on the side of that building and seize it,” he said.

Following his win, Trump praised the New York appeals court on Truth Social and slammed Judge Arthur Engoron for his handling of the civil fraud case.

“Judge Engoron has refused to obey the decision of the Appellate Division relative to the Statute of Limitations. This is a confrontation between a Judge and those that rule above him – A very bad situation in which to place New York State and the Rule of Law! Engoron has disrespected the Appellate Division and its very clear and precise ruling,” Trump write on Truth Social Monday. “He should be made to do so, and at the same time, release the GAG ORDER.”

Trump added that Monday’s ruling was the “5th time in this case” that the appellate division had overturned Engoron.

“[H]is credibility, and that of Letitia James, has been shattered,” Trump added. “We will abide by the decision of the Appellate Division and post either a bond, equivalent securities, or cash,” Trump said. “This also shows how ridiculous and outrageous Engoron’s original decision was at $450 Million.”

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As Trump’s legal woes continue to mount, the former President has encountered increasing challenges raising money for his legal defense. According to a report by Fox News, he currently holds roughly $500 million in cash.

His net worth is expected to increase dramatically on Monday after Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, is expected to go public. The stock is currently valued at around $4 billion. Trump holds 78 million shares in the company.

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