DeSantis opposes using taxpayer funds for gender ideology, left melts down

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made Florida a model state in the culture war between liberals and conservatives, particularly when it comes to LGBT and gender issues.

While liberals have states like California, where Governor Gavin Newsom has made a point of being DeSantis’ woke counterpart, conservatives have states like Florida that have passed the Parental Rights in Education bill and 15-week abortion bans.

Now, DeSantis has opened a new frontier in the culture war by opposing Medicaid funding for “gender-affirming” treatment for transgender people.

The fight began last month when Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) published a report saying that there is “insufficient evidence” that gender reassignment surgery is an effective treatment for gender dysphoria.

“Available medical literature provides insufficient evidence that sex reassignment through medical intervention is a safe and effective treatment for gender dysphoria. Studies presenting the benefits to mental health, including those claiming that the services prevent suicide, are either low or very low quality and rely on unreliable methods. Rather, the available evidence demonstrates that these treatments cause irreversible physical changes and side effects that can affect long-term health.” The report said.

Florida’s Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, has shared multiple stories of people who have “detransitioned”, a word describing transgender people who return to identifying with their birth gender.

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The woman described her gender dysphoria as a “coping mechanism” after she was sexually assaulted.

Ladapo said that transgender people are often in need of compassion and understanding rather than “medicalization” based on flawed data.

Predictably, the “expert” class has condemned DeSantis and came out against the proposal to cut Medicaid funding for gender-affirming treatments.

A report issued by seven Yale academics that accuses Florida’s report of being “biased” launched into a diatribe that was anything but scientific and politically neutral.

“The idea that you would take transgender people and take away their ability to access standard medical care is appalling,” she said. “It’s quite clear a medical policy that targets only medical care for transgender people is discrimination.” One of the experts said.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the general populace does not agree with the expert classes’ views on transgender and LGBT politics.

A recent poll conducted by a teachers union found that even teachers agree with DeSantis’ views on culture war issues.

The poll found that voters approve of the Parental Rights in Education act by a 27-point margin. By 28 points, the poll said that transgender athletes should be banned from competing in girls’ sports.


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