DeSantis Hits Biden, Trump Over Age – ‘Absolutely a Legitimate Concern’

Governor Ron DeSantis argued Tuesday that the ages of Joe Biden and Donald Trump are a “legitimate concern” for voters and suggested that the country may be ready for a generational “passing of the torch.”

President Biden turns 81 in November. If re-elected, he would be 86 at the end of his second term. Former President Trump is not far behind. At 77 years old, he would be 82 at the end of his second term if he manages to retake the White House.

“I think that’s absolutely a legitimate concern,” DeSantis said during an interview on ‘CBS Evening News.’ “The presidency is not a job for someone who is 80 years old,”

By contrast, DeSantis is 44 years old. When asked by host Norah O’Donnell, he explained how he had gotten to know older people through his work as Florida Governor.

“There’s nothing wrong with being 80. Obviously, I’m the governor of Florida. I know a lot of people who are elderly. They’re great people, but you’re talking about a job where you need to give it 100%,”

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DeSantis also suggested that if the Founders could see where America is now, they would put age limits on public offices.

“We need an energetic president, and I think that if the Founders could kind of look at this again, I do think they probably would have put an age limit on some of these offices I mean, it seems like our leadership class now in Washington — 75, 80, 80-plus years old is where those folks are.”

The current median age in Congress is 65 for the Senate and 58 for the House. According to FiveThirtyEight, it is the oldest Congress in American history. Biden, at 80, is also the oldest President in American history.

DeSantis, however, says he sees an opportunity in the country’s aging political class. He told O’Donnell that the time is right for Americans to “pass the torch” to a younger generation, with himself as the GOP nominee.

“If Biden’s the Democrat nominee, I’m the Republican nominee, I think there’s going to be a lot of Americans who are going to want to see a generational passing of the torch,”

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DeSantis Biden

Throughout his campaign, DeSantis has sought to distinguish himself from the Republican and Democrat frontrunners by showing his youth. He is frequently seen at events with his wife and three young children, unlike Trump and Biden, who have sons older than Governor DeSantis.

In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham this week, DeSantis noted Biden’s increased age-related challenges. He described the President’s difficulties with speech and his lack of energy. Biden has frequently been known to call “lids” early in the day.

“This is a guy that is stumbling around the world stage. He is projecting weakness,” DeSantis told Ingraham.

“I think our enemies have already taken advantage of that. It’s likely to invite even more problems around the world and so, you know, it’s sad. But I think it’s obvious that he has been struggling for quite some time.”

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