DeSantis Calls Out Pennsylvania Dems Using ‘Deep State’ to Keep Power

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, speaking before the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC) on Saturday that aired live on Newsmax, ripped Democrats in Pennsylvania for weaponizing the justice system to entrench their power, calling out the swamp as a whole.

It should not be forgotten that DeSantis has not officially declared a run for the 2024 presidency; this event and others like it gives the impression that he plans to do so.

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DeSantis mentioned the corruption of bureaucracy by democrats, hot on the heels of Trump’s indictment.

“What this shows — with how the bureaucracy has been weaponized, how [George] Soros-backed prosecutors are weaponizing the law against conservatives — is that the left is playing for keeps. They want to make the citizens of this country who are conservative into second-class citizens.”

The timing is likely no accident, with former President Donald Trump being indicted on Thursday in a move many have seen as politically motivated. DeSantis called DA Alvin Bragg and other Soros back attorneys a “menace to society,” contrasting Bragg’s general soft-on-crime policies with his stretch indictment of Trump.

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DeSantis continued, generalizing his concerns of a corrupted justice system beyond Pennsylvania.

“And if you look at 2024, if they can win the House and they win the White House again and maybe add a senator or two, what is their agenda going to be? They’re going to try to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. They’re going to try to abolish the Electoral College. They’re going to make [Washington] D.C. a state, so that they get two Democrat senators for life. And they’re going to federalize these problematic ballot processes — ballot harvesting — as well as eliminate voter ID in every corner of the United States.”


The governor stressed that, regardless of what Democrats may claim, their policies are for this entrenchment and not for the American people.

“This is not an agenda that is speaking to Americans over their kitchen table; this is an agenda for them to ensconce themselves in power for a generation. So the stakes are very high.”

DeSantis also explained his solution to the problem: using the executive authority of removal.

“You do need a determined and disciplined executive willing to systematically root out these politicized bureaucrats. You have authority and the executive has authority under our Constitution to clean house. You can take 50,000 of them, make them Schedule F, and you can subject them to termination at will. You also can go and find the people that are not doing the job and get rid of them.”

Aside from showing his political chops, DeSantis sideswiped Trump on this point, playing on the accusations that Trump allowed himself to be hampered from the inside during his presidency.

“It needs to be done, because otherwise you have a situation where a Republican could win the White House and yet the left still controls the executive branch bureaucracy. That is not how the Founding Fathers drew it up. I can tell you that.”

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