Minnesota ‘Trans Refuge’ Bill Threatens To Take Children From Dissenting Parents

The Minnesota State House passed a ‘trans refuge’ bill on Thursday, resisting Republican efforts to protect children from life-altering trans hormones and surgeries. Critics are particularly concerned about an ’emergency custody’ statute allowing courts to seize custody of children from parents who refuse to provide “gender-affirming care.”

The controversial bill comes after Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order with the same goal of allowing children access to HRT and reassignment surgery. The bill, which is nearly identical in content to Walz’s executive order, is expected to roll through Minnesota’s Democrat-dominated state legislature. Minnesota legislator, male-to-female transgender, and “woman of the year,” Rep. Leigh Finke, spoke at a news conference shortly before the Democrat legislative victory.

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“Gender-affirming care is lifesaving health care. Withholding or delaying gender-affirming care can have a dramatic impact on the mental health of any individual who needs it. Rates of depression, suicide, substance abuse are dramatically higher in transgender and gender-expansive individuals who lack access to care.”

Finke also told reporters that “urgency” was necessary and that the strength of the law would better protect trans youth.

Children’s Gender Health Program Director Angela Goepferd defended the legislature, calling parents’ concerns with the bill “constructed” and saying that HRT is “age and developmentally appropriate.” Echoing Rep. Finke, Goepferd also said that lives were at stake, claiming that restricting children’s access to hormone therapy or other “treatments” could be deadly.

The “trans refuge” bill represents a significant escalation in the ongoing cultural war in America. With the refusal of gender-affirming care now considered abuse, parents who refuse woke gender ideology could find their families crushed by the state. Speaking to Fox News, family attorney Bob Roby opposed Minnesota’s new ability to take children away from well-meaning parents.

“This kind of court power has a long-standing precedent in Minnesota for keeping children safe. When a child is at risk of being harmed by a parent or custodian, the State has immediate authority to remove and protect the child from harm… to add children who are being denied ‘gender-affirming care’ to the definition of children in need of this kind of drastic emergency action is obviously unwarranted.”

The proposal would also nullify other states’ recently passed child protection laws and require Minnesota courts to refuse extradition. Several Republican lawmakers have expressed concern about the legality of such measures.

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Among the many interest groups at the state capitol on Thursday, Catholic Bishops opposed the coerciveness of the bill. Bishop Robert Barron, a well-known internet personality and Bishop of the Winona-Rochester Diocese, expressed several concerns about Catholic physicians being legally obligated to provide gender-affirming care despite religious objections.

Minnesota Republicans, despite being outnumbered, organized unanimous resistance to the bill. “House File 146 undermines parental rights and most concerningly has zero guardrails to protect our kids,” said Rep. Peggy Scott, “It allows children, regardless of age, to receive radical medical treatments.”

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