Political Witch Hunt: 70% of Independents Agree the Trump indictment is Politically Motivated

A recent poll has revealed how Americans feel about Former President Donald Trump’s recent indictment and its legitimacy: in short, it’s not great. A Quinnipiac poll conducted on Wednesday is to thank for the information. While the indictment occurred on Thursday, it asked participants how they’d feel about a potential Trump indictment by New York DA Alvin Bragg.


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While the public is unaware of the details of all of the charges Trump faces, the investigation leading up to the indictment involved an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, a woman accused of having an affair. Likely, charges from this investigation involve the falsification of business records, campaign finance violations, and conspiracy.

However, it appears many Americans do not believe the charges hold water. The poll results show that “Fifty-five percent think the accusations are either very serious (32 percent) or somewhat serious (23 percent), while 42 percent think the accusations are either not too serious (16 percent) or not serious at all (26 percent).”

Precisely why this is, is not made clear by the poll. Still, it may have to do with the strength of the evidence for the charges, the history of these charges not being pursued by previous DAs, and, most likely, the political incentives surrounding the issue. The poll backs this theory up: “More than 6 in 10 Americans (62 percent) think the Manhattan District Attorney’s case involving former President Donald Trump is mainly motivated by politics, while 32 percent think the case is mainly motivated by the law.”

However, the results are more surprising when broken down by political affiliation. Republicans and Independents strongly believe the indictment is political, along with a surprisingly sizable minority of Democrats.


“Republicans (93 – 5 percent) and independents (70 – 26 percent) think the Manhattan District Attorney’s case is mainly motivated by politics, while Democrats (66 – 29 percent) think the case is mainly motivated by the law.”

However, most Americans are cynical about Trump’s motives, with the vast majority believing his indictment announcement was selfishly motivated.

“Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (69 percent) think Trump was mainly acting out of concerns for himself when he announced on social media that he was going to be arrested in New York and urged people to protest and “take our nation back,”” the poll reads “while nearly one-quarter (24 percent) think he was mainly acting out of concerns about democracy.”

Many have speculated that Trump’s indictment will strengthen the former president, which this poll data seems to support. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck recently went on Tucker Carlson Tonight and summed up why Trump’s legal trouble makes him stronger.

“Donald Trump is not even a person anymore. He is a symbol of the average everyday guy that keeps getting screwed, every single time.”

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“I don’t know if Donald Trump is the winner or not,” Beck said. “But I will tell you this: You’re not going to stop a hundred million people. This country is in shambles, and there’s going to be a hundred million people that will walk on broken glass and through fire to vote for someone other than this corrupt banana republic administration.”


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