Delray Beach Suitcase Murder – The Husband Did It

The husband of a dismembered woman, 78-year-old William Lowe, has been arrested for the murder of his wife, who was found in what turned out to be five suitcases in Delray Beach, Florida.  Three suitcases with sawed-off body parts were first discovered along the Intracoastal waterway in Delray Beach. One bag contained a foot, and another had a woman’s head. Two more suitcases were found with body parts two days later, a composite of the female victim was then released, and now the murderer has been found.

78-year-old William Lowe has been arrested for the murder of his wife, whose body parts were discovered in five suitcases in Delray Beach.

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The remains were discovered on July 21st when Delray Beach Police Department received a shocking 911 call regarding a startling sight; a suitcase with what appeared to be a body part sticking out of it. It appeared to have washed up from the Intracoastal on Palm Trail in Delray Beach. Then another call was received a short time later about an additional suitcase with a different body part nearby on Casuarina Road in Delray Beach. Three bags with body parts had been discovered by that point. One of the suitcases contained a woman’s head. Two days later, two additional suitcases were recovered.  

As reported to Florida Jolt, Officer Patrick Adolphe from the Delray Beach Police Department had this to say;

It was horrific. You see something like this in the movies but can’t believe it until you see it in real life. First, we saw one part of a body sawed off. Then another part. Then another part. Certain body parts are missing right now. We’re still looking. We don’t know whose body this is. First, there was a call about a suitcase with part of a body. Then another call about a bag close by that turned out to contain another body part. There were saw marks on the body. The third suitcase was either called in or located by another officer. We don’t know the actual cause of death yet. This is an ongoing investigation. -Officer Adolphe

It was reported that a tiny seventy-eight-year-old white male was brought in, in connection with the murder. NBC News Miami said that William Lowe, 78, was arrested Wednesday on charges of first-degree murder and abusing a dead body in the killing of his 80-year-old wife, Aydil Barbosa Fontes, and records showed police that blood was found throughout the couple’s apartment as well as a bloody chainsaw in Lowe’s storage unit.

A lot of work went into discovering what happened in this case. Delray Beach Police Lte Vinny Gray said to Florida Jolt;

Glad we caught the perpetrator and made an arrest. Detective Liberta did a phenomenal job. ~Lte Vinny Gray

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Some details have emerged. According to an arrest report, a bag was weighed down with landscaping rocks and had an airport barcode sticker for LATAM Airlines named “Barbosa.” The report said a woman’s head with a gunshot wound was inside the bag.

The report said that investigators used dental records to identify the remains as Fontes.

Delray Beach police released an artist rendering of what they believed the murdered woman looked like. The woman has now been identified as 80-year-old Aydil Barbosa Fontes.

Detectives believe the suitcases were placed in the water between July 17th and July 20th. Residents who live along the waterway reported seeing a man who appeared to be looking at one of the floating suitcases on July 20th, the report said.

Various reports claimed a man, later determined to be Lowe, was hanging around the area and appeared nervous. Witnesses all described the man’s car as a gold sedan or Ford, which detectives were able to find nearby. When they ran his plates, they returned to Font’s husband, William Lowe. 

Delray Beach police photo of one of the suitcases the dismembered body was found in, a green and black polka dot Charlie Sports bag.

Lowe was questioned by detectives on July 31st and said Fontes was in Brazil and that she had been there about three weeks, the report said. But he said he needed to learn how she got to the airport, which airline she flew, or the last time he spoke with her.

Three roof workers said they had also seen a man on July 21st standing on the seawall looking at the suitcase and heard him say “s–t” before getting into his car and leaving, the report said.

There’s no known motive yet for this murder since Lowe hired a lawyer and stopped talking, according to lead Detective Mike Liberta.

Lowe was being held without bond Thursday, jail records showed.

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