Watch Your Back When Dealing With This Boynton Beach Commissioner

When there’s an embarrassing political revelation that exposes corruption, as there is in Boynton Beach, Florida, like rats fleeing the Titanic, politicians will do anything to save themselves.

Florida Jolt has been reporting on the City Commissioners of Boynton Beach attempting to give themselves a substantial raise by giving themselves colossal expense accounts and pretending it’s not a raise. Raises have to get approved by the voters, but expenses do not.

The City Manager, Dan Dugger, stepped up like a man and shouldered his part of the blame for this fiasco, but Boynton Beach Vice Mayor Tom Turkin isn’t cut from the same bolt of cloth as Dugger.

Yesterday, Florida Jolt published Boynton Beach Manager Falls on Sword – Outrageous Commission Pay Hike His Idea by my colleague Tracy Caruso. Dugger was on vacation in Europe but got back to Tracy and said raising expenses instead of putting a salary increase before the voters was his idea.   

On the same day Caruso heard back from Dugger, Turkin texted her the following:

Hey Tracy,

I wanted to wait and allow City Manager Dugger to speak for himself when he comes back in town from his vacatioI’m n to identify what the thought process, rhyme/reason was for such a large increase to be submitted into the budget——

Versus throwing blame without a chance to respond I respect him enough to allow him to enjoy his well deserved time off and wait until he gets back to explain how, why, this was submitted into the budget.

An increase that large or of that magnitude needs to be selected by the voters via referendum……

Please don’t hesitate to call me next time before you write an article.

Boynton Beach Vice Mayor Thomas Turkin

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In other words, Turkin doesn’t want to disturb Dugger while he is on his well-deserved vacation, and he respects Dugger, but it’s all his fault.

But what’s been gnawing at me is the core issue, who told Dugger the commissioners wanted or needed more money?

Did Dugger happen to walk by an alley in Boynton and see the commissioners huddled around a fire, wearing rags and cooking Ramen in an old tin can? Did Dugger call for an Uber, and Turkin showed up in a broken down jalopy to pick him up? Who was it that got this ball rolling?

While I don’t know for sure, I’d bet a lot of money that it wasn’t Duggar.

I spoke to Turkin today and asked him that question. Who told Dugger the commissioners needed more money, and he responded,

“I have a lot of theories about who was responsible, but I’ll keep those to myself.”

I mean, is this guy serious? He’s throwing the other commissioners under the bus now because if it wasn’t Dugger and it wasn’t him, it had to be Mayor Penserga or one of the other city commissioners. Penserga is term-limited and doesn’t stand to benefit, so it doesn’t make any sense for him to be the one behind it.

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In response to my questions, Turkin also said he would not vote to put that large an increase on the ballot, he does not support Boynton having a strong mayor, and he is fine with the current length of the city commissioners’ terms in office.

Turkin offered his thoughts on term limits and a strong mayor without my asking. There have been plenty of rumors about those issues in Boynton, so it was interesting that he brought them up.

According to the Census Bureau, the median household income in Boyton Beach is $60,980, and 9.9% of Boynton families live in poverty.

Boynton is not a wealthy town, but maybe it’s worth having a public debate about giving the commissioners a raise, and perhaps the voters would approve a moderate salary increase.

What voters don’t like and don’t deserve is trickery, infighting, selfishness, and backstabbing.

Do better, Boynton.

Editors Note: In the original version of this story, we misspelled Boynton City Manager Dan Dugger’s last name multiple times. We regret the error.

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