Three Suitcases Found in Delray Beach Contain Human Body Parts

The Delray Beach Police Department received a shocking 911 call on Friday regarding a startling sight; a suitcase with what appeared to be a body part sticking out of it. It looks to have washed up from the Intracoastal on Palm Trail in Delray Beach. Then another call was received a short time later about an additional suitcase with a different body part nearby on Casuarina Road in Delray Beach. Three bags with body parts have been recovered so far. The person in the suitcases has not been identified. 

Delray Beach Police Officer Patrick Adolphe had this to say to Florida Jolt;

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It was horrific. You see something like this in the movies but can’t believe it until you see it in real life. First, we saw one part of a body sawed off. Then another part. Then another part. Certain body parts are missing right now. We’re still looking. We don’t know whose body this is. First, there was a call about a suitcase with part of a body. Then another call about a bag close by that turned out to contain another body part. There were saw marks on the body. The third suitcase was either called in or located by another officer. We don’t know the actual cause of death yet. This is an ongoing investigation. -Officer Adolphe

According to CBS Miami, At this early stage of the investigation, the remains appear to belong to one unidentified woman, police say. The victim’s remains were taken to the medical examiner’s office for further examination. On Saturday, police released information about the remains. According to Delray Beach Police, the woman is white or Hispanic, middle-aged with brown hair, and approximately 5’4″ tall. She may have had tattooed eyebrows and was wearing a floral tank top with a black undershirt and black mid-thigh shorts.

Local sleuths, this one is for you. Officer Adolphe clarified that this body isn’t necessarily a person from Delray Beach. It could have moved down the Intracoastal with the tide from anywhere nearby, such as West Palm Beach or Riviera Beach. 

Officer Adolphe urges anyone with any information that could help this case to please contact Detective Liberta at 561-243-7800. 

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