Women Ditch Anthropologie After New Transvestite Ad – ‘Should’ve Learned From Budweiser’

Women’s clothing brand Anthropologie got smoked by its customers last week after posting an ad on their Instagram account featuring a transvestite male model twirling in a dress. The bizarre video sparked an immediate backlash, prompting the company to disable and delete its comment section, but not before hordes of angry customers left upwards of 6,000 replies.

More Americans are beginning to speak out about the nation’s gender insanity, including many on the Left side of the aisle who called out the company for “erasing women.”

The ad, which featured male model Harper Watters, was posted Thursday with the caption:

“To quote @theharperwatters, ‘Never anthro-pologize for being fabulous! Loving these #UnexpectedAndUnforgettablelooks.’ (Obviously, we couldn’t agree more!) Twirl to the link in bio to shop bold, beautiful dresses for every solo.”

The responses were not what Anthropologie was expecting.

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“Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress,” one comment read. “This is not the way to go Anthropologie. Looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store.”

While Anthropologie swiftly intervened in the backlash and disabled the comments on their post, there had at one point been more than 6,600 replies under the company’s bizarre advertisement. However, many of the replies were archived and later re-uploaded to Twitter.

The fashion brand’s customers were less than thrilled to see a crossdresser dancing in their feed, with many accusing the company of “erasing women” and making the same woke misstep as Bud Light.

“Later Antho. You should’ve learned from Budweiser.”

“I guess your company wanted to go broke next.”

“We do live in a consequence culture… and the consequences for hating women as much as you do… enjoy Bud Light status.”

“You just mocked and belittled the very client base you claim to serve and represent. Taking all my business elsewhere from here on out.”

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Even the company’s more left-leaning customers seemed angered by the ad, with one blasting the company for working with “the patriarchy” to erase women.

“So you hired the patriarchy to sell women’s clothing then turned the comments off when we all weren’t jumping up and down in pigtails like Dylan Mulvaney over it? ITS DONE. STOP ERASING WOMEN. Fire the director and marketing team. Save yourselves.”

“Taking bets on how many times [Anthropologie] can silence women in one evening… First with the ad, and next disabling comments. You may not hear us, but we’ve gotten your message loud and clear,” another commenter said.

“At what point will companies figure out who their target audience is??” another comment on the Instagram post asked.

“You guys obviously didn’t see what happened with Bud Light? Does anyone ever ask why it is we are always seeing men wanting to be women, dress as women??? Funny I haven’t seen one men’s clothing company go after the trans men market. Things that make you go hmmmm.”

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