Washington State Law Allows Gov. to Take Children from Parents for Gender Transition

The Washington State Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 5599 on a party-line vote, empowering the state to take children away from their parents if they do not consent to allow their child to transgender hormones and surgeries.

The bill itself spends most of its pages defining terms and specifying how, in most circumstances, youth shelters must inform parents of the condition of their wayward child. However, the bill stresses multiple times that licensed shelters are under no obligation to notify parents of their wayward child under certain circumstances, and should instead tell the government.


“If there are compelling reasons not to notify the parent, the shelter or organization must instead notify the department.”

“Compelling reasons” or circumstances to keep parents in the dark include actual child neglect and abuse, and when, ” a minor is seeking or receiving protected health care services.”

Protected healthcare services are not defined in the bill itself but in the separate Bill 5489. protected health care services” means gender-affirming treatment and reproductive health care services that are lawful in the state of Washington.”

Seattle Reporter Katie Daviscourt announced the bill’s passage on Twitter.


“Last night, Washington state passed SB 5599 which allows the state to legally take children away from their parents if they don’t consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries. All Democrats voted, yes. All Republicans voted, no.”

In a separate tweet, Daviscourt gave her take on what the bill now allows.

“#BREAKING: Washington state passes Senate Bill 5599, gender affirming care for minors. This bill grants minors the right to transition genders, stripping parents of their ability to consent. It will now be a crime if a parent doesn’t allow their 6-year-old to change genders. IT GETS WORSE: If a child seeking a gender transition runs away from home—and the state knows their whereabouts—the state is not legally bound to disclose to the parents where their child is. The state know owns your kids….This is extremely disturbing. Side note: why does the state legislator [legislature] keep passing controversial bills at night when people are asleep?”

Democrat Washington State Senator Marko Liias, who voted for the bill, released a euphemism-laden statement in an attempt to justify the measure.

At one point, the lawmaker implied that it’s impossible to be a supportive family that refuses to permanently medically alter their child in the name of gender confusion.

“This bill is an important step in ensuring young people across the state have a roof over their heads during an already challenging period in their life,” said Liias. “While we hope that every child has a supportive family that will provide them with acceptance and the care they need, it’s crucial that we provide housing options to those in crisis.”

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Washington Democrats and progressives nationwide have justified this kind of move  by claiming that studies have shown children’s mental health benefits after the transition. This is misleading. The studies referred to are either, short term, use a small sample sizes, or both. They also often measure “mental health improvements” based on initial self-reports by the gender-confused children themselves.

There are no solid, large-scale, long-term studies on the effects of a youth gender transition. This is because the transitioning of children has never happened before at any significant scale in human history. This generation is the test run.

Some former “trans youth” are already spreading warnings about the practice.

Some parents on Twitter have suggested their own ways of avoiding the consequences of this bill, including leaving the state entirely.

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