Republican Tom Carney Wins Mayor of Delray Beach by a Landslide

The race between Tom Carney and Ryan Boylston was a brawl from start to finish, and Carney threw Boylston a Mike Tyson-level beating.

With 35 of 35 Precincts reporting, Carney had 51.17% of the vote, Boylston 38.48%, and Shirley Johnson had 10.35%.

Source: Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

Carney told Florida Jolt:

The citizens of Delray Beach won tonight, not Tom Carney. We’re going to bring back transparency and citizen engagement, and we’re going to put the citizens of Delray Beach first. ~Mayor-Elect Tom Carney

Kevin Neal said,

We had predicted that with President Trump on the ballot, Republican voter turnout would be strong in Palm. Beach County, and it was. More votes were cast on Election Day in Palm Beach County than in any other county in Florida. We won almost 60% of the races where we had a candidate running, including a huge win in Delray Beach, where Tom Carney was elected Mayor buoyed by disproportionate Republican voter turnout in a city that Joe Biden won by nearly 30 points in 2020. Tom ran a fantastic campaign. We worked hard to get him elected, and we are excited to have him as our new mayor in Delray Beach.

~Kevin Neal, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Chairman

Carney was the better candidate, and Republican turnout certainly helped him a great deal, but there was something else going on in this race.

People don’t like to admit it, but they’re scared. The country is in trouble, and they know it. One way or another, difficult times are ahead, and the public wants a proven commodity locally—an experienced, steady leader who knows how to navigate the choppy waters ahead. This isn’t the time for showboating; it is a time for serious politicians and leaders, and in this race, that was Tom Carney.

Congratulations, Mayor Carney.

Delray Seat #3

Juli Casale beat the favored Nick Coppola and Republican Anneze Barthelemy. Coppola was considered the frontrunner until his outrageous social media posts were revealed. Barthelemy was a good woman who couldn’t gain any traction.

Congratulations, Commissioner Casale

Source: Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

Delray Seat #1

Tom Markert, the guy everyone kept telling me they had never heard of, won. Insiders don’t always know everything; the voters certainly knew who he was. Markert edged out Jim Chard, a left-wing guy who, at first glance, looks like Bernie Sanders’s older brother and wants to put bike lanes everywhere. Tennille DeCoste came in a respectable third.

Congratulations, Commissioner Markert.

Source: Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

More analysis in the days ahead, but overall, the people of Delray Beach did well last night.

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