Third Time a Charm? Darlene Swaffar Runs For Congress To Unseat Moskowitz

Republican candidate Darlene Cerezo Swaffar is running for Congress, CD 23, to unseat progressive Democrat Jared Moskowitz.

This isn’t Swaffar’s first rodeo. She’s run twice before—the first time in 2020. Then again, in 2022 when she ran in a crowded primary for an open seat previously held by Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch. Swaffar lost her primary to well-known former Republican State Committeeman Joe Budd, who ultimately lost to Jared Moskowitz. Now, she’s running again and says she’s in it to win it.

Maybe the third time could be the charm. 

Congressional Candidate Darlene Cerezo Swaffar is running for Congress in Florida for CD 23.

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Swaffar is known by many as the hard-working, intelligent, and down-to-earth “Medicare Lady” for starting her own health insurance business.

Her top issues are reducing inflation, energy independence, and bringing back a strong economy and jobs. She wants to control the border and enforce immigration laws. Lastly, she plans to protect Medicare and Social Security. She wants to “protect our God-given rights,” but to do that, she’ll have to win in a crowded primary against Robert Weinroth, a former Palm Beach County Commissioner with high name recognition who is seen by many as the frontrunner. Her other opponents are Carla Spalding, Joe Kaufman, Gary Barve, and Joe Thelusca.

Swaffar feels strongly about America’s ally, Israel, and has this to say;

The Cerezo Swaffar Campaign stands with Israel—the only Democracy in the Middle East and our Ally. We stand with God’s chosen people and need to do everything we can to help Israel defend itself against Hamas and terrorist attacks. We are disappointed with the Biden administration and their lack of immediate focus and attention to the Israeli crisis. We implore the Biden Administration to release the one billion aid to Israel.

~Candidate Darlene Cerezo Swaffar CD 23

Swaffar told Florida Jolt that she’s one of the few candidates who has gone to the border, interviewed border patrol agents, and gained a firsthand understanding of our nation’s critical issues. She is firmly against all illegal crossings and stands with President Trump on deporting all illegal immigrants. She notes that her position on this issue has been clear and consistent throughout her campaigns. 

Regarding abortion, Swaffar says,

I think LIFE is God’s idea and creation, and it is not for courts to decide who lives or dies. The US Constitution also guaranteed the pursuit of LIFE, Liberty, and  Happiness. The US Supreme Court honored our constitution by overturning Roe v Wade and sending the issue back to states to decide.

I agree with the FL 6-week heartbeat Bill because it also honors the pursuit of LIFE  by protecting the baby when a heartbeat is detected. The Bill does allow for legal abortion under certain circumstances, such as rape, incest, and medical emergency.

~Candidate Darlene Cerezo Swaffar CD 23

Swaffar wants voters to know that Moskowitz has voted lockstep with Democrats and has an 11% rating with The Freedom Index Score. 89% of the time, he votes against our constitutional rights. He voted not to have the citizen question on the census, determining how many seats we would have in Congress.

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Swaffar grew up in Brooklyn. She struggled financially, but through sheer grit and determination, she’s succeeded. She worked two to three jobs until she entered the health insurance industry over thirteen years ago. She’s sacrificed a lot, working seven days a week, but says it’s been worth it.

Congressional Candidate Darlene Cerezo Swaffar is related to Benjamin Franklin.

On a personal note, Swaffar has six ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War; she is a distant relative of Benjamin Franklin and loves America. To find out more about Darlene Cerezo Swaffar, go to 

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